Cool and Easy Eye Makeup Ideas

You can find different color ideas for your eye shadow, cool tones and warm tones. You can choose either tone when the season changes. However, if you want to add some colors to your look for cold weather, you can apply deep colors to your eye shadow, but not too much.

Apricot Eye Makeup

apricot-eye-makeup via

Natural Eye Makeup

natural-eye-makeup via

Three-Tone Eye Shadow

three-tone-eye-shadow via

Metallic Eye Makeup

metallic-eye-makeup via

Natural Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

natural-eye-makeup-for-brown-eyes via

Golden Eye Shadow

golden-eye-shadow via

Simple Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

simple-eye-makeup-for-brown-eyes via

Brown Eye Shadow

brown-eye-shadow via

Peach Eye Makeup

peach-eye-makeup via

Sliver Eye Shadow

sliver-eye-shadow via

Pale Pink Eye Makeup

pale-pink-eye-makeup via

Easy Eye Look

easy-eye-look via

Golden Eye Liners

golden-eye-liners via

Eye Liners

eye-liners via

Long-wear Eye Liners

long-wear-eye-liners via

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