Challenging Times for Angel Reese!

Last season, Angel Reese emerged as the standout star during LSU’s championship victory. Although the term ‘darling’ might seem outdated – something more fitting for my Civil War-era sensibilities – it aptly describes her rise to fame.

Her bold, trash-talking presence on the court, especially against the league’s top player, surprisingly endeared her to the online community. Reese quickly transformed into a celebrity, garnering widespread attention and invitations to high-profile events. Even Drake, in his quest to maintain relevance among a younger audience skeptical of his authenticity, sought her out.

In a time when anti-bullying sentiments and calls for equality dominate, Reese’s approach on the court, which typically would be met with disapproval, ironically worked in her favor. She’s landed lucrative brand deals, received luxury cars, and enjoyed all-expenses-paid trips – a testament to her newfound celebrity status.

However, following her team’s recent 20-point loss to Colorado, Reese finds herself at the receiving end of Colorado’s taunts, a twist in her rapidly evolving public narrative.

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