Thursday , 18 October 2018

Celebs Who Fixed Their Teeth

#1 Tom Cruise

We didn’t know Tom Cruise was English!


#2 Posh Spice

It’s amazing what a new pair of pearly whites can do.


#3 Demi Moore

Apparently new teeth make you look a thousand times more attractive.


#4 Oprah

It’s almost like we’re looking at two different people.


#5 Zac Efron

We thought Zac just got better looking as he got older. Turned out his teeth were to blame!


#6 Nicholas Cage

With the power of veneers, his mouth Nic’s mouth has aged better than his face.


#7 Kate Beckinsale

White makeup and yellow teeth are never a good combination.


#8 David Bowie

Well that’s much better.


#9 Linday Lohan

Should she get new teeth when it’s clear she wasn’t taking care of the old ones?


#10 Katie Holmes

We don’t know what was going on with Katie’s teeth before, but we’re really glad it’s over now.


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