Celebrity Makeup Tutorials For Beginners To Pros


1. The Ellie Goulding-Inspired Bronze Look

Tasha Leelyn teaches you how to recreate Ellie Goulding’s beautifully bronzed Met Gala look.


2. The Gigi Hadid Look 

Celebrity makeup artist, Monika Blunder, teaches Gigi Hadid fangirls (us) how to recreate her glowing Victoria’s Secret runway look.


3. Eyeshadow Tutorials For Brown Eyes

Wondering which colors look best on brown eyes? We’ve got the lowdown right here!


4. Selena Gomez’s Sultry AMA Look

While this is more of a “night about town” look and not an everyday makeup look, we LOVE the glamour Nikkie brings in this Selena Gomez-inspired makeup tutorial!


5. The Classic Parisian Makeup Tutorial

The great and beautiful Lisa Eldridge walks us through her classic Parisian makeup tutorial complete with fresh face and bold lips.


6. Kawaii Japanese Makeup Look

She’s at it again but, this time, with a completely different look! Celebrity makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, shows us how to get the much sought-after kawaii (Japanese for “cute”) makeup look.


7. Kim Kardashian’s Signature Smokey Eyes

Our girl, Jocelyn Johnston from Bootcamp Beauty, is going to teach you how to nail Kim Kardashian’s signature smokey eye and nude lip look.


8. The Ultimate Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorial

Having hooded eyes doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world! Kelly from XOVain goes over her best tips and tricks for applying makeup on hooded eyes.


9. Beginner’s Guide to Eye Makeup

Looking for a simple, everyday eye makeup look? Sinead Cady from The Makeup Chair goes over her go-to natural look in this makeup tutorial.


10. Our Favorite Makeup-For-Oily-Skin Tutorial Yet

Looking for a sweatproof makeup routine? Ingrid Nilsen goes over her stay-put summer makeup regimen.


11. Strobing Makeup Tutorial

Strobing is still the new contouring! Learn how to master a natural, radiant glow using only highlighter as your base.


12. The Guide To Contouring By Facial Shape

When it comes to contouring, there is no one-size-fits-all. We’ve got the trick to contouring the right way.


13. Dramatic Nighttime Makeup Tutorial

This dramatic makeup look will make you sizzle on your night about town. Olivia goes over everything you need to know to nail this look on your own.


14. Earth-Toned Natural Makeup Tutorial

If earth tones are your thing, you can’t miss this natural, earth tone-inspired makeup tutorial!


15. Glowing Everyday Makeup Tutorial For Indian Skin Tones

Want to fake beautiful, glowing skin? This tutorial teaches you how. Click the image!


16. Step By Step Smokey Eyes Tutorial 

Want to learn how to do a bold smokey eye? This step-by-step tutorial teaches you how to do this bombshell look.


17. The Eldridge Technique Makeup Tutorial

The Eldridge Technique is perfect for days when you want flawless skin with minimal makeup.


18. 10 Minute Makeup Tutorials For Work

Hit the Snooze button with these 10-minute tutorials for work.


19. Foundation Application For Dry Skin

If dry skin is ruining your foundation application, you need to watch this tutorial.


20. Everyday Makeup For Older Women

This tutorial is for those combating aging, dry skin, and looking for a fresh, new look.


21. Retro Glam Makeup Tutorial

Nail the pinup look with this easy-to-follow, vintage-inspired hair & makeup tutorial.


This isn’t everything! Check back soon for more everyday makeup tutorials you can’t live without! We’ll be updating this daily.

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