Best Street Style Looks at the Governors Ball 2015


The Governors Ball is a 3 day music festival founded not so long ago, in 2011. In the few years of it’s existence it really grew to be a big NY summer event. It’s a must go for everyone who enjoys good music, good food and good company. The Governors Ball takes place in Randall’s Island Park, conveniently located between Manhattan, Queens and The Bronx and features an impressive array of music artist. This year the Governors Ball was headlined by Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Rey, Bjork, The Black keys, Drake and many other artists. No matter if you’re into rock, indie, hip-hop, pop, folk or electronic music – you’re bound to find something you like here. Same goes for food – there’s always a plethora of good restaurants and food trucks represented at the festival.
Fashion is also a big part of the festival, specifically street fashion. New Yorkers really know a thing or two about street style and they always bring something interesting into the mix. The festival ended just a few days ago, but Fashionistas all over the world are still talking about who wore what and what outfit was the best at the Governors Ball. So let’s review and see what were the most popular trends and best street looks at the Governors Ball.


There was a lot of denim at this years Governor Ball. Vests, overalls, dresses, anything you can think of – people wore it. There was even denim on denim, a combination we haven’t seen in decades. I guess the nineties are back.


Hats are always a big part of festivals. It’s a great way to stand out and really add smth to your outfit. Hats are a great way to make a fashion statement. They’re also great for protecting your head from sun stroke.


Maxi dresses of all types, textures and colours were featured by multiple fashionistas at the Governors Ball. It’s an easy and stylish option for a festival. You don’t have to worry about thinking what goes with what. Just put on a maxi dress and accessories. As a bonus – the will look good with heels and boots. So that’s up to you.


There was a fair few people with flower crowns. We get it, flower crowns are a festival must-have these days. They really do add a festive little note to any outfit. But since it’s a New York festival, witty New Yorkers were quick to remind those with flower crowns that it’s not Coachella and therefore not the same vibe.


Plaid shirts and checkered dresses were worn in the most unusual combinations and added some grunge to the whole event. Who knew you could wear them over dresses? But hey, if you can pull that off, why not?


Floral patterns were everywhere too. Dresses, shirts, rompers, jumpsuits. And why not? Floral is a great option for summer, it just brightens everything and makes everything looks summery.


Colorful hippie looking outfits were like a breath of fresh air. But not just any hippie outfits, NY hippies are different. They have an edge to them and they know how to work it. It was refreshing to see something that actually looked like it belonged at a music festival and wasn’t an evening outfit that’s dressed down with some combat boots.


When it comes to accessories – round glasses got a universal YES! from everyone. No surprise here, sunny summer days call for some shades and this year everyone went for round ones. Is it a homage to John Lennon? Or perhaps Ozzy Osbourne? We’ll never know. But they clearly won over the public. There were hardly any classic ray bans.


Since it’s a music festival we couldn’t ignore the crazy costumes either. There’s always some at any festival and the Governors Ball wasn’t an exception to the rule. I kind of wonder if this wolf ever ran into these sheep. That would be a real life fairy tale.


Last but not least – bags. Most people went with the usual over the shoulder bags or trendy backpacks, but this particular gem caught my attention. Doesn’t this just scream “Music Festival Bag” ?

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