Bebe Rexha Releases a Fresh Music Video!

Freshly single Bebe Rexha is back in action once more, putting her unique spin on a classic house track alongside David Guetta. It appears that one of the surefire paths to securing a spot on the music charts is to reimagine a beloved song with a familiar beat, all in the name of evoking nostalgia. In an age where it seems like most new tunes bear a striking resemblance to preexisting hits, Bebe’s latest composition, titled ‘One in a Million,’ has surfaced. Perhaps I’m merely imagining the resemblance to another song, potentially due to David Guetta’s production influence. It’s possible that my judgment is clouded. Regardless, the brand-new music video has just been released, featuring Bebe Rexha dancing and serenading us about discovering that one extraordinary love amidst the masses. Take a look at the video below and explore more of Bebe’s work in the gallery!

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