Sexy Beauty Benefits Of Honey

Sometimes what we really need isn’t a cleanser, hair remover or acne treatment, it’s honey. Here are the 12 beauty benefits of history’s most tried-and-true beauty product: honey.


Through the months of writing and growing Makeup Tutorials, several things have always remained constant: we love makeup and we can most definitely get down with, sometimes even prefer, natural, organic beauty products and remedies.

While new facial cleansers, scrubs and masks formulated with innovative technology, packed with good-for-you ingredients and packaged in fun bottles and jars are always the highlight of our day, we appreciate and can vouch for the effectiveness of time tested beauty remedies such as using lemons to fade dark spotscinnamon for plumper lipsbaking soda for whiter teeth, and honey for everything from treating acne to lightening hair.

While honey is nature’s miracle cure (right next to coconut oil, that is), it’s important to make aware, eco-conscious decisions when purchasing honey. We recommend you always look for organic, raw, unfiltered honey that was preferably bought from a local vendor. The best places to find local honey is at your neighborhood farmer’s market, co-op grocery stores and sometimes even Whole Foods will feature local harvesters.

With that said, let’s get into the 12 reasons honey should be the star of your beauty routine!

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Surprised to learn how great honey is? In my home, honey isn’t used as just a sweetener, I love using it as a hair remover and nail conditioner. It gets the job done every time!

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