Friday , 5 June 2020

Why Bald Boyfriends Are the Best



I like bald guys. It’s not just that I don’t mind if a guy is losing his hair. I think it’s hot. While I recognize that not every 16-year-old girl has a crush on her balding biology teacher, I think women should give bald men another look. In my well-informed opinion, they make the best boyfriends. So find yourself one, or don’t, because that means more for me.

They look like Men, with a capital M. If you don’t believe me, take it from society, which finds bald men manlier. Much like a beard, a bald head reminds you that you’re not sleeping with a child.


  • They possess stealth hotness. Even if a bald guy is super hot, most women won’t notice right away. You have a special gift.
  • They won’t use all of your shampoo and hair products.
  • They don’t get bad haircuts.
  • Because Jason Statham.
  • Hats are a bald man’s best friend, which means a whole new category of gift-giving opportunities.
  • They often have extensive grooming routines (for instance, shaving his entire face and scalp every other day) and thus will understand yours.
  • A man who is comfortable with his baldness is confident. Confidence is extremely sexy.
  • Snagging a bald(ing) guy is just another way to emulate Kate Middleton.



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