Awesome New Year Nail Art Designs

When you’re planning your look, though, don’t forget a smashing New Year nail art design!

Need a little inspiration for your own New Year nail art designs? Check out these fantastic designs for some ideas…

1. Streamer New Year Nail Art
Little streamers are perfect for celebrating the New Year and a great New Year nail art design!


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2. Clock New Year’s Nail Art

Everyone will be watching the clock on New Year’s Eve this year, so a clock getting ready to strike midnight seems like a nice fitting New Year nail art design!


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3. Stamped Silver Clock Nails

A black stamped clock and streamers is a super pretty nail art design for New Year’s Eve!


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4. Happy New Year Countdown Nail Art

How much more perfect can you get for New Year’s Eve nail art than a countdown?


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5. Blue Starry Night Nails

A long night of celebrating calls for a long lasting night time inspired mani!


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6. V-Shaped Silver and Gold Nail Art

This v-shaped nail art design is both glamorous and a little daring, making it a nice choice for ringing in the New Year.


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7. Bursting Nail Art for New Year’s Eve

This burst nail art design looks a little like the fireworks that you might see on New Year’s Eve.


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8. Silver Tipped Black Nails

Shiny black nails look splendid with sparkly silver glitter tips and a couple of silver glitter accent nails!


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9. Colorful Fireworks Nail Art

Fireworks make for some great New Year nail art designs, and this colorful version is sure to get you a few compliments!


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10. Chunky Gold Glitter Nails

A coarse chunky gold glitter polish reflects light from all directions, making it a super sparkly New Year nail design!


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11. Silver Glitter Tips

Jazz up your normal French manicure by using a silver glitter polish on your tips for New Year’s Eve.


Image Source

12. Chunky Silver Glitter Nails

If just the tips of your nails isn’t quite enough bling, give your nails a super glam makeover with a coating of chunky silver glitter for New Year’s Eve!


Image Source

13. Black and Rhinestone Nail Art

Black nails are edgy and chic, but the addition of evenly spaced rhinestones turns them into instant party nails.


Image Source

14. Rhinestone Covered Nails

With nails covered completely in rhinestones, it’ll be hard for them to keep their eyes on the ball drop and not on your nails!


Image Source

15. Shiny Chrome Nails

Some shiny chrome New Year nail art is about as simple as it gets, but still makes a fun loving statement!


Image Source

16. Black and Blue Waterfall Nails

Waterfall nails are simple yet stunning making them the perfect New Year nail art designs for busy party goers!


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