Awesome Knitted Sock Patterns

Check out these 15 awesome sock patterns that will keep your toes toasty all winter!

1. A Good, Plain Sock by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Sometimes a fancy pattern is nice, but we find that our main priority in the winter is really just what will keep us the warmest! That’s why we’ve knit this simple sock pattern so many times. Sometimes we use self striping yarn so that we don’t have to switch colours and wind in so many ends, but other times we use these socks as an opportunity to use ends from our stash.

2. Winter Socks for The Family by SheepyShenanigans

Have you always been a huge fan of those classic grey knitted socks that everyone’s grandmother’s used to knit them and somehow they managed to make them look the same no matter where you came from? Well, now you can knit them for yourself and everyone you love too! This pattern is simple but shows you where to put all of the classic colours, just like the vintage socks you had in mind.

3. Birch Trunks in Winter socks by Debbie O’Neill

In the yarn that this pattern designer chose, these socks really do look like the bark of a birch tree, just like the name says! You might choose a solid colour that would make yours look different but still beautifully knitted, but variegated yarns of all kinds would look great in this pattern too because of how simple the stitches are.

4. Hudson Valley Winter Socks by Jill Draper

Perhaps you like ribbing in sock patterns because it gives them stretch at the top where you put your foot in, making them easy to slide on and off? These particular socks have ribbing beyond just the cuff, extending it all the way down the shin to the foot for extra comfort. The foot however, is just simple knitting, and we like that to show off the lovely yarn you’ve chosen!

5. Spunky Winter Socks by Nancy Bush

Have you been practicing your colour working techniques and you’re looking for a pair of socks that will let you get a little bit more creative than what you’ve seen so far? Then these might be the very socks for you! We love the simplicity of the spots and hearts, as well as how easy it is to add character by changing colours at the toe.

6. Electrictree Winter Socks by Caroline Dick

Just because you’re making woolen socks for winter doesn’t mean you can’t use yarn overs to create a nice pattern. As long as you don’t get too lacy and you still use a warm, good quality wool, the pattern shouldn’t detract too much from the warmth. That’s why we couldn’t resist putting these adorably patterned lace work socks on our list!

7. Tasseled Norwegian Winter Socks by Sophie and Me-Ingunn Santini

Maybe you’ve already got a nice surplus of warm woolen socks for inside your boots but you’re looking for a homemade way to keep warm inside the house too? Then these Norwegian slipper socks are exactly what you need! We love the thick, bulky wool they’re made of, as well as the slight colour work detail and the adorable ties complete with pom poms.

8. Transitioning to Winter socks by Tina Robbins

Perhaps the technique you’ve been practicing and can’t wait to show off most is your cabling? We find cables quite easy to make, particularly if you’re using big, bulky wool, but it can be more of a challenge when they’re done in a thinner wool because smaller detail takes more concentration. Even so, we’d say these pretty cables are worth the time and effort it will take you!

9. Winter Mix socks by Stephanie Van der Linden

Was the colour work you saw above not quite enough for you and you’re really look for a challenge? Then try something that’s a little closer to Fair Isle instead! These socks are so chalk full of colour switching and traditionally charted patterns that whoever you’re giving them to when you’re done will be one lucky duck indeed.

10. Winter Delights by Alice Curtis

Perhaps your idea of fancy detail is all in the stitching patterns rather than in colour work and strand changes? Then you might be a little more interested in something more dainty, like these dual colour contrasting socks! The colours at the accent parts are done as you knit, but they’re delicate enough to look like a pretty after thought.

11. Winter Flower Socks by Bronwyn Lowenthal

In case you’re only just learning charted patterns, here’s a simple, standard sock design that outlines how to make lovely little winter flowers to give your socks a cute, traditional look. Whether you choose to make the socks in more neutral, wintery colours like these ones or choosing whatever bright colours you want, the pattern will still stand out well. We also like that these socks are a little higher than some to keep the rest of your leg extra warm too.

12. Winter Warmers by Anna Tillman

Just in case the other cabling designs you’ve seen here so far didn’t quite strike your fancy and you’re still on the lookout, here’s another option that involves an awesome twisting effect combined with an arch. It’s another pattern that takes some concentration and detail, but the impressive look and the way the cables go all the way down to the toes makes it totally worth it.

13. Winter Garden by Betsy Lee McCarthy

Sometimes in the winter we just need something simple to remind us of the plants and flowers that bloom in the summer, even though we quite enjoy the lovely snowy landscape. This pattern is a nice interesting one to knit because it has both stripes and colour work, but it’s not extremely difficult even considering all of that.

14. Tilting Cable Socks by Chrissy Gardiner

Have you been wondering this whole time what an intricate cable pattern might look like in a variegated yarn rather than a plain one? Then check out this gorgeous pattern that fits that description perfectly! It’s a similar cabling pattern to what you’ve seen, and you could knit it in a solid colour instead if you prefer, but it’s nice to have options with good, clear pictures before you choose your pattern.

15. First Time Tube Socks by Ann Budd

Have you been looking for a simple pattern that has a little more detail than the first plain socks you saw at the top of the list, but that will still keep things pretty easy for you? Then these twisting tube socks are exactly what you need! They’ll let you practice the basics of turning a heel and decreasing for a toe without getting too bored half way through the pattern.

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