Awesome Eyeliner Styles for Every Occasion

1. Frame the crease


This shape has a little more unique flair than a regular cat’s eye, without being too wild.(Source: Brit + Co.)

2. Skinny liner


If you like the way eyeliner ties your look together but you don’t want something thick and outrageous, try painting a thin, subtle line along your lash line instead.(Source: Buzzfeed)

3. Blended shadow as liner


Black liquid liner can look very harsh. Get a softer look but lining your eyes with eye shadow instead. Blend it out until you’re satisfied with the level of smokiness!(Source: Hairspray & High Heels)

4. Double liner


Once you’ve drawn your regular black liner, line again above it with an awesome contrasting colour for maximum impact!(Source: Buzzfeed)

5. Upside down cat’s eye


Are you looking for something a little more unconventional? Flip things upside down and do the cat’s eye liner on the bottom!(Source: Pinterest)

6. Flicked liner


You’re probably familiar with a cat’s eye style flick at the outer corner, but you can add a unique touch by flicking the inner corner in the opposite direction.(Source: Pinterest)

8. Cut out cat’s eye


Have you ever drawn your liner wing and thought about how cool it already looks before you’ve even filled it in? Go ahead and try not filling it in!(Source: Refinery 29)

9. Double winged liner


Two wings at the end, instead of one, is an awesome but simple way to shake up a classic style.(Source: Fustany)

10. Lid liner


Big liner if so much fun that sometimes it’s hard to stop! Try going all out and lining your whole lid for the most dramatic wing around.(Source: Pinterest)

11. 60s mod liner


linerA simple wing calls back to the 1960s on its own, but the look is especially mod when you line your lower lash line with small dots all the way across.(Source: WWD)

12. Cut crease


“Cutting” your crease with eyeliner that meets the tip of your wing deepens the look of your crease and widens your eyes.(Source: Site de Beleza e Moda)

13. Fish tail liner


Instead of flicking your two liner wings in the same direction, try painting the away from each other so it looks like the fins on a fish’s tail!(Source: Style Craze)

14. Coloured double liner


Choose a contrasting colour or a glittered eyeliner and extend a second wing up from your bottom lash line.(Source: Makeup by Mandaleigh)

15. Dotted eyeliner


Are you looking for something really unique and out there? This dotted, super colourful liner look is perfect for a concert or party!(Source: Sandra Holmbom)

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