Anxiety? Body Rubs May Be the Answer You’ve Been Looking For

There’s plenty of things to be worried about in 2020. Here’s a way to lower stress levels and fight anxiety at home.

With a global pandemic, clashes between authority figures and every day citizens, protesting, rioting, global destruction, massive forest fires, political unrest, and the million other things that have seemingly gone wrong this year- it’s pretty easy to understand why you’ve got all that tension in your shoulders. Or why you’re having trouble sleeping. Eating right, exercising, and heck- just talking with other people.

2020 has been hard on everyone. Mental issues like anxiety and depression are through the roof, and providers just simply don’t have the resources to be able to appropriately tackle each and every person who is struggling currently. So many have been left in the cracks, hoping to find their own way out- which is where body rubs come into play.

Elite Indulgence, a body rub specialist says that body rubs are a “multifaceted approach to mental, physical, and even spiritual health.” This particular type of massage strays away from what’s thought to be more “traditional” methods, however the professional behind Elite Indulgence says that body rubs may be even more traditional in terms of historical relevance. “The practice has been around for centuries, but like so many things- it was villainized at some point in history and never fully rebounded.” Until now that is- because in 2020, we need all the help we can get.

Stress Mitigation and Health

Anyone who’s been chronically stressed can tell you without hesitation that it’s unhealthy. The toll that stress takes on your health and wellbeing can extend far beyond the reaches of mental health, diving into physical and emotional realms as well. So what can stress actually do to a body? Well, more than a couple of things.

Stress responses will vary depending on the person experiencing them, how often they experience them, and the type of stress that’s being endured. Stress can cause issues with sleep disturbances, mood and energy levels, which we’re all probably familiar with. What you may not know is the slew of other physical issues that chronic stress can cause. Things like:

  • Chronic pain (headaches, joint aches)
  • Digestive problems (Bowel irregularities, heartburn)
  • Sexual issues (fertility problems, erectile dysfunction)
  • Cardiovascular issues (Heart palpitations, high blood pressure)
  • Endocrine problems (Blood sugar abnormalities, weakened immune system)

These are just a few ways that chronic stress can take a physical toll on the body, so it’s pretty plain to see that we all need creative, and healthy outlets for our own brand of stressors. Self-care is incredibly important when it comes to tackling these problems and so many more.

How Body Rubs Affect Anxiety

Anxiety is one affectation of chronic stress, or a common occurrence when starting to heal from chronic stress. Beating anxiety can be an incredibly difficult undertaking, as it often can feel as if your brain has been completely hijacked. Not to mention, that once chronic stress has been experienced for a long period of time with no release, people can start suffering from General Adaption Syndrome, or GAS, a type of nervous system issue.

The best way to be able to combat the symptoms of anxiety is by finding an outlet that helps your mind focus elsewhere and releases the built up tension in your body. Convincing your “fight or flight” nervous system to stand down. Body rubs, as a type of full body and often tantric, massage are spectacular for providing an outlet to these types of issues.

“Body rubs have the ability to target multiple body systems at once. Allowing neurotransmitters release secondary to physical stimulation, muscle relaxation, and an almost meditative mindset.” This is largely because it’s difficult to concentrate on other things while undergoing a professional body rub. Not to mention that the aspect of intimate physical contact is an excellent mediator for oxytocin release- a hormone that plays a part in calming stress reactions.

Anxiety isn’t enjoyable, and by finding outlets that are you don’t have to deal with it forever. Whole body focused massage is a fantastic holistic approach to what your body is telling you it needs. Which so often is just simply a break from routine.

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