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Amazing Summer Makeup Ideas

1. Glitter Tears


image via allisondepmuah

From fashion shows to music festivals, we have seen everyone rock glitter tears this season. A light dusting of glitter powder on the lower lashes gives your eyes the attention it deserves. It also works well on any eye color and surprisingly enough, on anyone too.

2. Glossy Lids


image via patmcgrathreal

Commonly seen on editorial spreads from years passed, the glossy eyelid look is definitely going mainstream. Makeup artists usually dab a small amount of vaseline on the lids to create the look, but as this runs and smudges out, it’s quite impractical for everyday wear. It’s a good thing that MAC has created the Studio Eye Gloss so you can recreate this look anytime.

3. Non-touring


image via gigihadid

Non-touring is the proper way to contour, barely there and very subtle. Create this look by sweeping a cool-toned sculpting color from the top of your ear toward the corner of your lip, make sure to blend it out upwards and apply a dusting of bronzer on top, and blend some more.


4. Dewy Skin


image via melgoldmann

If you haven’t noticed yet, this season is the season of beautiful skin. Seen in runways and created by professional makeup artists, dewy skin is finally in. The easiest way to get a dewy skin look is to apply a liquid illuminator before foundation. Afterward, apply a very light bit of highlighting powder only when necessary.

5. Shimmery Eyes


image via germanovna73

Enchanting shimmery eyes are in this season too. Layer complimentary or monochromatic shimmery shadows on your upper and lower lids to make your eyes pop. Perfect for a sweet summer party.

6. Vampy Lips



image via patmcgrathreal

The runways of Miu Miu have sported this look that brings bold to the lips and highlights beautifully pale skin. Recreate by using a dark red lip liner paired with a plum colored lipstick and blend. The key is to keep it darker on the inner portion of the lips.

7. Glossy Pout


image via hkassel

This classic look is perfect for the summer, a high gloss lip lends a fresh perspective to your look and also compliments golden tans beautifully. Don’t forget to keep hydrated for a moisturized and supple looking pout.

8. Festive Lashes


image via patmcgrathreal

Have fun this season with festive, colorful lashes. Make sure not to over do it with eyeshadow that tends to overpower your lashes. Keep the focus on your eyes with dewy skin and subtle gloss on the lips.

9. Faux Freckles


image via hungvanngo

Fake or not, freckles are the hottest summer makeup look to hit us this season. No need to put on loads of foundation and concealer, show off your skin along with mascara-defined eyes, lip gloss and a flush of blush on your cheeks.

10. Blue Shadow


image via sirjohnofficial

This year has also been about the blue hues. Applied in high detail or asymmetrically done. Keep it close to the lids in the day or rock it out at night to bring the cool vibe to your look in this hot summer weather.

11. Doll-like Eyes


image via patmcgrathreal

Doll-like eyes graced the runway of Louis Vuitton this year, achieved by exaggerated lashes, make this your own by applying wispy false lashes that open up your eyes from the corner and a good helping of mascara to the middle lower lash line.

12. Tropical Eyes


image via patmcgrathreal

This look created by artist Pat McGrath for the Diane Von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion show is giving me all the beauty inspiration I need this year. Beautiful tropical colored eyes in hues of blue and green, rosy lips and beautiful skin. What more can I say?

13. Full Brows and Sultry Makeup


image via patmcgrathreal

None of that shaved brows this season just beautiful, naturally full and hairy brows that frame our faces. Achieve this look by combing your eyebrows up and filling them in with eyebrow powder. Quick and easy.

14. Killer Wings


image via hungvanngo

This classic look isn’t going anywhere else, especially not this summer. Whether you pair a heavily winged out liner with red lips or nude it will work, it’s all up to your imagination.

15. Metallic Lips


image via patmcgrathreal

We’ve seen the metallic lips early this year and we definitely have not seen the last of it, with NYX just launching their lip lingerie line and Kylie Cosmetics’ Metallic Lip colors selling like pancakes summer 2016 isn’t over at all.

16. Apple Red Lips


image via patidubroff for Byrdie Beauty

The classic red lip is here to stay and this is one of the reasons why I love this year’s summer makeup trend. Barefaced or pair it with a rose gold to copper-toned shadow, never worry about looking classy in this hot weather.

17. Floating Lines


image via nikakislyak

This ingenious take on the graphic liner is seen on runways across the globe this season. Recreate this look into your everyday ensemble to bring the edginess in your style while out partying on the beach.

Watch this summer trend video tutorial of Kelly Strack:


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