Amazing Micro Braids Hairstyles

1. Stunning Micro Braids Updo

Once you have your gorgeous braids, try this updo hairstyle. As you can see, micro braids also look beautiful when gathered into an elegant updo.


Facebook / Above All Salon & Spa

If you decide on having micro braids, prepare your hair beforehand. Make sure you thoroughly wash your hair and use a conditioner afterwards. Remember, when you have braids, you won’t be able to clean as intense as you can now. Ensure you have everything by your side so you don’t have to move in the process. Also, make sure you have enough hair! There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through and realising that you have run out. Use a comb to detangle your hair so it’s easier and quicker to braid. You want to make the process as simple as possible without any problems in between.

As mentioned, make sure you do take your braids out every two – three months or so, and when you do decide to braid your hair again, try a different style. This will help your hair and head by not causing stress and tension in one area over time.
2. Cute Style for Summer

Summer is coming so you need to think about what hairstyle you can have to stand out.


Instagram / asiyami_gold

This cute style for summer will definitely get heads turning. Separate your hair into two sections then braid and loop around. Secure everything with bobby pins.
3. Gabrielle Union’s Micro Braids

Gabrielle Union looks so beautiful, right?


Instagram / gabunion

Check out her hairstyle – these micro braids look amazing. She is rocking her braids so you can too.
4. 7 Different Ways to Style Your Micro Braids

The styling doesn’t stop after you’ve got your micro braids, this is when the fun begins!



There are so many different styles you can do with your braids. Check out these 7 different ideas. Hair up, hair down, even a braid for your micro braids, how cool is that? They all look fabulous!
5. Simple, Black Braids

You have sat for hours on end whilst you and your friend (or hairdresser) create a masterpiece with your hair.


Instagram / queezystyle

You can at least enjoy the finished result without doing anything more to your hair. It’s a classic look and looks flawless.
6. Micro Braids + Shaved Side

Shaving your hair may seem scary at first and not many people dare to do it, but this style looks incredible.


Instagram / mshairandhumor

It might just sway you towards the shavers. Toss your hair to one side to show off your unique shaven side, and when you get bored, just toss it back into a centre parting! If you’re still unsure, you can always shave a tiny section, smaller than the photo and see what you think.
7. Burgundy Micro Twists

Try these burgundy micro twists to show off your character and style.


Instagram / tupo1

This style is so sexy! Release your inner fashionista and go for a lovely warm tone for your braids.
8. Micro Braids Mohawk Style

Go for the rocker Mohawk style by creating a gorgeous girly braid version.


Instagram / luxebraids

This works so well with shaven sides and an electrifying colour such as red or auburn. The shaven sides will help you pin back the main braid. Essentially, it’s a main braid made from your tiny micro braids and styled into a Mohawk. Work from the back and pin your main braid to the back of your hair. Rock your Mohawk with style.
9. Micro Braids & Gorgeous Curls

There are no rules when it comes to braiding your hair.


Instagram / fitbyflawless

You don’t have to braid your entire head but majority of people do, so why don’t you think outside the box and just braid the front section. If you have no patience, this is probably the best option for you. Then you don’t have to sit down for hours. You can then create your own unique micro braid style with your natural curls.
10. Micro Braids into a Side Braid

Side braids are feminine and girly as Gabrielle Union shows you below.


Instagram / gabunion

Unlike box braids (or poetic justice braids), micro braids are thinner and easier to style. Braid your micro braids into a neat side braid to keep them off your face. The style is simple and easy to do. You can either continue your main braid all the way down or end it in the middle, which looks divine!
11. Micro Cornrows Style

Before you start micro braiding, maybe think about having micro cornrows.


Instagram / elindasan

This is very popular with many celebrities and they look breath taking. You can always add beads to the ends for a summer vibe. This is a great look for the beach and music festivals.
12. Heart Bun Updo

This impressive micro braid updo will be the talk of the town.


Instagram / tru_blue_40

It’s very detailed and intricate. Be aware, for this style, you may need some practice. Probably best you get your friend to style your hair. It’s hard to do yourself as it’s all facing the back. To generate the heart shape bun, it will be easy to grab all the braids together but the harder part will be to show it’s a heart and not just a detailed bun. Good luck!
13. Two Toned Micro Twists

Go for the two-tone hairstyle with twists to show off your distinctive side. From every angle, it will look astounding.



This will look great when you tie your hair back or even when you have your hair down. The distinction between the two colours will look so good.
14. Braided Updo

Having micro braids will allow you to separate the hair easier than usual, so make sure you grasp this opportunity to show off your artistic side.


Instagram / beautifulfenique26

This will open the door to a completely new path for lots of different updos, like this one. Grab the front section of your hair and implement your own creative style. You can then tie up the back section of your hair and make your style.
15. Micro Braids into a High Bun

You can’t beat the classic bun.



A classic ballerina style bun is cute and feminine. This is fresh and elegant which will create a sophisticated look. Great for work, school, going out or even popping to the cinema or shops. You’ll be ready for anything with this style.
16. 4 Different Ways to Style Micro Twists

Twisting your braids is fashionable and stylish.


Instagram / simplymunya

This photo shows four different ways to style your micro twists so get twisting! You have the choice of having your hair up, down or half up. Depending on your plans or event, there’s a style for all.
17. Easy Half Updo Style

If you fancy having your hair in a different style but still want it down, the half updo is so easy to do.


Instagram / bella_braids_by_tiffany

Grab a few braids from either side and tie it in a loose hairband. You could even wrap a few braids around to act as a hairband.
18. Micro Senegalese Twists Updo

We adore these twists and the photos look unbelievable.


Instagram / coilssobeautiful

The micro Senegalese twists are the most pretty and popular twists out there. Make your hair look and feel this pretty. Having two-tone hair really sets the twists off and instantly attracts a warm glow.
19.Elegant Half Updo

Elegant, classy, stylish, chic and sophisticated. This updo hairstyle is all these things rolled into one.


Instagram / gabunion

All you have to do is braid your front braids, and make a stunning design. The hair that is left down, you could sweep to one side.
20. Gray Ombre Micro Braids

Gray ombre micro braids are a fashionistas dream.


Instagram / touchedby_vee

Until a few years ago, gray was just a hair colour that was seen on mature people, but roll on 2016 and nearly everyone wants it or has it! We all know that the gray colour has been trending for a while now and it looks incredible with braids.

21. Caramel Micro Braids
Be a trendsetter not a follower with this style.



If you want a softer look, opt for a caramel tone. This will complement your braids and look fantastic.
22. Alicia Keys’ Micro Braids

Alicia Keys set the micro braids alive with her classic look.



Braids went crazy when Alicia Keys was rocking them, now they are back. This is such a simple, chic and stunning style.
23. Blonde Brown Style

Stylish and chic should be your middle names if you’re going to have this style.


Instagram / sdkrz_

To make your braids stand out, mix blonde and brown together to highlight your striking hair. This is the perfect combination and I can guarantee all your friends will be copying you within the next few weeks.
24. Curly Micro Braids Style

Let your curls flow with the sassy style.


Instagram / colorme_natural

If you’re lucky to have sexy curls, you need to show them off to the world. Don’t hide them away, let your hair do the talking with this curly micro braid style. Your hair will look healthy and amazing.
25. Micro Twists = Cute Protective Style

This cute updo will look stunning as well as protecting your long braid locks.



Maybe you’re working or going to the gym to exercise. These times, you need to ensure you don’t damage your hair so having an updo, will ensure this doesn’t happen.
26. Micro Braids with a Pop of Color

Having a radical change, can take a while to process and sometimes takes us a while to make that jump.


Instagram / healthy_hair_journey

Are you feeling bold? Add a splash of blonde colour to your braids. This sets your braids alive and will complement any outfit.
27. Micro Cornrows Style

Having classic cornrows with braided long hair looks classic and chic.


Instagram / knaomin

This is a low maintenance style, which draws all the attention to your face and hair. If you love to show off your face, opt for cornrows. Your hair will be pinned back, having your face in the spotlight. It’s your time to shine!
28. Blonde Micro Braids Updo

As the saying goes – “Blondes have more fun”.


Instagram / braidsbydaniele

Do you want to test this mantra out? Going blonde will enhance your skin tone and your hair, so you’ll end up having a total transformation. This is an ideal solution if you want a makeover and want to transform yourself. It’s always good to have a fresh and different style now and again. Who wants to look the same all the time? Blonde hair is striking, particularly with braids, so what are you waiting for?
29. Micro Braids into a Bun

Wrapping your micro braids into a bun is the easiest hairstyle you could do.


Instagram / gabunion

Bunch your hair together, wrap your braids around near your crown and keep doing so until you have a bun. It will be secure and will look fresh throughout the entire day.
30. Long Micro Braids Style

Long micro braids look girly and sleek.


Instagram / lstylz03

You will not be disappointed if you opt to have this hairstyle, just look at this photo to reassure you. If you’re going for extensions, you might as well have long ones!

31. Burgundy Micro Braids

To achieve that warm glow, think about dying your hair a burgundy shade.


Instagram / securedownload

Deep red, also known as burgundy, is an in-between a red and a purple and looks rich in colour. This will set off your stunning braids and enhance your hairstyle, whether you choose to wear your hair up or down.
32. Micro Twists Half Updo

Micro twists have their own fashionable style and they look outstanding.


Instagram / maketiwiri

Try this updo hairstyle for that wow effect! You can style you hair however you wish but try this style and see how special you feel!
33. Beyonce’s Super Long Micro Braids

If Beyonce can rock her super long braids, then why can’t you!



As mentioned, we know that long braids look remarkable but there’s long hair and there’s extra-long hair. If you have long hair, you’ll all know what I mean when I say this. Take a look at B’s hair in this photo, extra-long right? It looks fabulous, will you go that extra long mile? I’m pretty sure it’ll be a conversation started at any event.
34. Micro Braids Into a Loose High Bun

Are you feeling this loose high bun? We are!



Instead of wrapping your braids tightly into a high-rise bun, wrap them loosely and you’ll end up with this style. Don’t worry about the bun falling out, as you already have braids, this will help the hairstyle stay put. Trust me, this is a secure style that will last all day.
35. Micro Twists with Shaved Sides

When you hear the word shaving, you don’t often think of shaving your hair.



Majority of people don’t even think about shaving their hair and when they do, it scares them because they think of shaving their entire hair not just the sides! Welcome to 2016 guys. Shaving your sides is becoming more popular. This is due to having the best of both worlds – you can have the shaven look as well as having long locks. Be creative and bold and shave your sides.
36. Amazing Braided Updo

Making braids out of micro braids is easy.


Instagram / beautifulfenique26

Even though this style looks hard and complex, don’t be fooled and scared to try it. Once you do, you’ll see that it’s not as hard as what it looks and you’ll be so glad you did it. Look at the outcome you could have. If you practice, you’ll become an expert and you’ll probably be styling your friends hair too!
37. Red Micro Braids

Red hair alone looks so sexy and vibrant.


Instagram / braidsby_roz

Teaming red hair with braids looks super sexy and super vibrant. Having your hair up or down will draw attention to your hairstyle as this colour stands out from the crowd. Going for such a lively colour, complements your braids. Be ready for that extra attention you’ll receive once you leave your hair salon! You will feel like a local celebrity.
38. Cute Mini Braids Style

Go for a cute look with these mini braids.


Instagram / queezystyle

It looks super girly and super fresh. As you can see on this photo, she’s got a relaxed and casual vibe going on, but yet she looks sensational. This looks effortless and stunning.
39. Gabrielle U. Loves Micro Braids Styles

It’s the gorgeous Gabs again guys, and yes, she’s smashed it with her luscious locks!


Instagram / gabunion

Look how simple and stunning she looks in this photo. Her braids are not bright or tied up in a detailed bun. She loves her braids and we can see why. Wouldn’t you if you had this hair?
40. Simple yet Gorgeous.

Braids are so versatile and sometimes we can overthink them.


Instagram /

Shall I have my micro braids tied back? What about having a high or low-rise bun? Stop for a second girl, try having your locks down and going with the flow. It looks simple yet gorgeous so get up and go!
41. White Ombre Micro Braids

Ombre and braids are two completely different styles trending right now.


Instagram / kayrayejayy

Who would have thought by mixing them together, you finish with a masterpiece! Team them together to become the fashionable Goddess that you are. Ombre looks fab on all types of hair but to blend with braids, really shows off your hair tips and style. The contrast between the white and black hair is incredible and will set any outfit off. Are you ready to strut your super trending ombre and braids? Go for it girl!

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