Amazing Makeup Trends 2017

Inspired by what we’ve seen on the runway, we decided to share our ten favorite makeup trends with you. We’re excited to try them out, especially when some really require basic makeup skills and tools and won’t take much time. Scroll below and get some makeup inspiration!

1. Bold Lips


From berry red to coral orange, wearing a bold lipstick is what dominated the runway. Valentino, Simone Rocha, Dolce&Gabbana and Jason Wu were just few of many other designers who went for this kind of makeup statement. The perk here is that everyone can afford a tube of lipstick and we all know what a great booster of confidence can a lipstick be!

2. Pink Shimmer Blush


This is a great way to boost your makeup routine. Making your cheeks blush can look so nice if you apply your makeup the right way! It’s a great makeup option if you’re interested in achieving the “no make” look. The models at Reem Acra and Chanel proved us how good it looks.

3. Bold Eye Makeup


For someone who doesn’t use too much makeup, this might seem like a lot, but it’s nice to try new things – make you’ll find out that bold eye makeup is perfect for you! Warmer colors such as peach and cool such as purple dominated the runway. Choose the shade you love the most and play with it!

4. Glittery Lips


This is one of the new trends that we’re sure that’s going to stick around this year. Models were seen wearing glitter even outside of the runway, showing us how good it looks! You have to be really careful when applying glitter – you don’t want to have too much of it on your lips, instead try to balance color and glitter.

5. Glossy Skin


Good skin care is a must, especially if you want to achieve the glow-y effect. It’s really hard to have it naturally, but luckily there are so many beauty products that can help us with that. It will make our skin appear flawless and if we’re lucky enough like Hailey Baldwin, we can achieve this great glow effect and even improve the appearance of our bone structure.

6. Boyish Brows


This isn’t new trend, but is still on-going. Natural, full eye brows is something we see on and out of runways since Cara Delevingne stole our hearts and we love it. Instead of plucking your eyebrows every week, let them grow as much as you can and just shape them by giving them the boyish look.

7. Smokey


Smokey is one of the makeup styles that never goes out of style, but made difference this time is that it is accompanied by smudged look as well. Pucci, Carolina Herrera and Armani are just few of the designers who decided to go for this smokey and smudged makeup. It creates a mysterious, sexy look – you might want to give it a try next time you go out with friends.

8. Underliner


Glitter wasn’t just on the lips or eyelids, many makeup artists apply it even as underliner. Here’s one new trend that we’re really looking forward to! You can use glitter or shimmery eyeliner instead of mascara or if you feel like this isn’t the right for you, how about applying tiny crystals such as these?

9. Watercolor Makeup


For someone who only knows how to apply mascara and lipstick, this kind of eye makeup will be hard at first to achieve, but once you got it right, it will make you feel so good! The watercolor effect was seen on models and is going to be a trend this year, so prepare to see more of it.

10. Purple and Pink


Purple was seen so much on the runway that it makes it impossible not to fall in love with trend! As always, it’s all about the colors, so this year we’re lucky to play with pink and purple, especially the latter. Famous model Gigi showed us how good it looks, especially if you have blue eyes!

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