Amazing Eyebrow Stamp Makeups

1. What Is An Eyebrow Stamp?


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2. How Does It Work?


An eyebrow stamp works just like any other stamp out there. You have a sponge that will eventually create the shape of the brow. You’ll also have the makeup powder that will be used to fill in those eyebrows.

3. How Long Will It Last?


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Just like any other makeup tools like eyebrow pencils, stencils, and powder, this will last you the whole day. It’s perfect for those who are always in a hurry and have no time to spend on making their eyebrow shapes perfect.

4. How Do You Apply It?


Well, the good part is, using an eyebrow stamp is way easier than using other techniques like eyebrow pencils and stencils. Just like a stamp, all you need is to damp the sponge on the makeup powder and apply it on your brows.

 5. Is It Worth Your Money?


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For those who are not used to creating the perfectly-shaped eyebrows, the eyebrow stamp will make it easier for you to shape and fill in your brows without spending too much time and effort. It’s easy and you can re-apply it throughout the day. Priced at just $8.99, investing in a good set of eyebrow stamp is surely worth every buck.

For a full tutorial on how to apply your eyebrow stamp, here’s a video by

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