Thursday , 21 October 2021

Amazing Eye Makeup Ideas for Date Night

Check out these great date night makeup looks that are much easier to do yourself than you’d think!

1. Natural makeup with strong lips and brows


Light, well blended foundation and natural matte colours on the eyes contrast well with strongly filled out brows and a dark lip. The overall effect is minimal but with standout features.
2. 1960s eyeliner


Statement eyeliner is a great way to make a strong, stylish impression. This vintage liner shape will show off your individuality but sense of timelessness.(Source: Fashion Mag)

3. Strong lower lashes


Most people putting on regular daytime makeup forget about their lower lashes in favour of boosting their top ones. For date night, however, applying mascara and some subtle liner to your lower lashes will frame your eyes and draw attention to them.(Source: Elle)

4. Highlighter and a healthy glow


Subtle shimmery highlighter along the bridge of the nose, the tops of the cheeks, and the Cupid’s bow of the top lip gives your skin a healthy, sun-kissed glow that’s totally alluring.(Source: Fashion Mag)


5. Purple eyes


Adding a pop of colour around your eyes is a great way to keep someone’s gaze, but too bright a colour might look a little obnoxious for date night. Purple, however, is a perfect balance between colourful and sultry.(Source: Websta)

6. Black and silver smoky eyes


Silver on the lids, pearly white on the brow bone, and black shaded in from the outer corners along the crease is a great sultry look for date night. The effect is especially impressive with a black waterline, blended black lower liner, and a lush false lash.(Source: Websta)

7. Soft pink lids


A shimmery pink across the lids and up onto the brow bone keeps your eyes looking bright and lets a solid black winged liner stand out without looking too stark.(Source: Websta)


8. Pink lower liner


Lining under your eyes with a light pink or peach colour makes them look bright, like a wide-eyed animation.(Source: Websta)

9. Dark neutral crease


Keeping a light shimmery colour on your lid and below your eyes but shading your crease with a neutral to dark brown deepens their appearance and makes them look wide and introspective.(Source: Websta)

10. Bold, alternative colour


Are you feeling a little more bold than regular date night makeup calls for? Add an eye-catching pop of colour by lining along the top of your regular black wing with another bright colour that suits your outfit!(Source: Websta)

11. Black and gold smoky eye


Do you like the idea of a smoky eye but wish it had a little more colour? Go ahead and add some! Blending the colour out into black gets the same effect but with some flair.(Source: Lash Factory Cosmetics)

12. Smoky sparkle


If bright coloured makeup isn’t your thing but you still want to jazz up your smoky eye, try using shimmer, sparkles, or glitter! These will keep you looking extra bright and glamorous.(Source: Saris Ordaz)

13. Hot pink eyes


Some people shy away from using shades of pink on their eyes, but when you blend it with black and silver, pink becomes an intensely gorgeous shade that makes your eyes pop.(Source: Fashion and Stylles)

14. Subtle greens


If you like the idea of incorporating colour but you’re not sure brights are the way to go, try blending a subtle mossy green into a neutral or taupe corner in stead.(Source: The Wonder Forest)

15. Dramatic white liner


Sometimes keeping the shadow and features simple but getting dramatic with the eyeliner is the most effective look. Apply white eyeliner along the bottom waterline and across the top of your black wing to get a wide-eyed, almost vintage looking style.(Source: Lady Life Hacks)


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