Amazing DIY Winter Jewelry Ideas

Check out these 15 gorgeous DIY winter jewelry designs that will dazzle at this year’s holiday parties and have everyone impressed that you made them yourself!

1. DIY sweater bracelet

Do you love knitting and crochet more than most other crafting techniques but you’ve never really considered those skills that would help you make jewelry? Well, A Bit of Sunshine is here to show you that you actually can make jewelry with your knitting needles or crochet hook! If you don’t actually knit or crochet but you just adore the look of yarn work jewelry, try using the basic techniques you’ll see in this tutorial but with upcycled pieces from old knitwear clothing instead!

2. Beaded wool brooch

Who knew making winter jewelry could use so many other diverse crafting skills? Here’s an idea for the felters in our midst! This wool brooch has been felted into a little circle, embroidered with black thread to look like branches, and beaded with tiny coloured seed beads. The finished product looks like a winter blossomed tree in a snow storm and we love it! Check it out in more detail on Tonyautkina.

3. DIY glitter ring

Winter is the perfect time for glitter because everything outside is already glittering in frost, ice, and snow! Just because you’re adding a touch of glitter to a look, though, doesn’t mean you have to get carried away. Sometimes a subtle sparkle, like this cute little DIY glittered ring, is all you need! Find out how to make your very own ring in any colour of glitter you like on A Splendid Assemblage!

4. DIY snowman earrings

Jewelry Making guides you through the process of making cute little dangling earrings of your very own that look like little snowmen! Their tutorial shows you how to curl jewelry wire and attach earring hooks to any type of bead, but if you’re already an experienced jewelry or bead maker, the possibilities for little Christmas characters would be endless!

5. Snowman bead earrings

In case beading is your real specialty when it comes to making jewelry, then here’s an adorable Christmas design for you! DIY Fashion shows you how to string beads in such a way that you create an adorable snowman shape, complete with little “coal” buttons down the front. Once you’ve got the technique down, imagine all of the different shapes you’ll be able to make!

6. Crystal snowflake earrings

Do you remember earlier when we were talking about how white and clear beading makes winter jewelry making fun because it looks like snow, frost, and ice? These adorable little dangling snowflake earrings by Atelier Workroom are exactly what we mean! We particularly enjoy that they used a contrast of the two to create a delicate design.

7. Christmas tree earrings

Can you tell that we have a particular fondness for dangling earrings when we craft our own jewelry? They’re just so much fun to both make and wear that we can’t resist showing you all of these adorable designs! For the sake of diversity, here’s another: adorable little wooden Christmas trees covered in tiny crystal “ornaments”. Check the design out in more detail on DIY Fashion!

8. DIY crystal wrap

Are you a huge fan of the idea of crafting your own Christmas jewelry but you’d rather something a little more subtly festive than something that screams “Christmas”? Then check out this simply pretty wrap bracelet design from Flax and Twine! As long as you’re comfortable with a little bit of very easy hand stitching, you’ll have created your own version in no time.

9. Sparkling gunmetal earrings

Sometimes it’s nice to wear jewelry that simply fits a more winter aesthetic rather than pieces that are openly Christmas themed. After all, the winter season lasts far longer than just December and the Christmas holidays! We enjoy wearing dark metals and pretty rich chromes during the winter, just like these fringey DIY chandelier earrings from Rings and Things.

10. DIY faux druzy necklaces

Druzy stones are a gorgeous touch no matter the season, but we find them particularly lovely in the winter, especially if you choose cool tones that complement the aesthetic and environment outside. Some authentic druzy pieces are expensive but, luckily for us, Minted Strawberry has found a way for you to make your own instead of breaking the bank! Check out their tutorial to learn how.

11. Candy cane bow necklace

Have you always enjoyed working with clay to create your very own shapes and custom designs? We fully understand the satisfaction that comes out of that! That’s why we loved this adorable wrapped clay bow necklace by Lines Across the second we saw it. We love the candy can effect they used here, but we also like that you could use a different clay or pattern and create a version that’s a little less seasonal too.

12. DIY gingerbread charm bracelet

Are you looking for a design that’s nice and easy to do with your kids while they’re home for the Christmas holidays? Then check out this simple Christmas charm bracelet idea from Rings and Things! They’ve used pre-made Christmas charms shaped like little gingerbread houses but the chain is custom sized and you can accent and embellish the space between the charms using whatever kinds of dangling beads you like most.

13. Christmas charm earrings

Do you like the pre-made charm idea above because you’ve actually been collecting little themed charms for years, but you’re not sure that wearing a charm bracelet really suits your personal style? Then check out these dangling charm collection earrings by Show Me Crafting! Whether you match the earrings perfectly or choose different charms for a more eclectic look, people’s eyes will be drawn to them immediately.

14. Peppermint earrings

Were you intrigued when we were talking about clay crafting earlier in this post but those designs just didn’t quite strike a cord with you? Perhaps you’d like to get a little more creative and try a swirling technique instead! That’s how 365 Days of Crafts created this adorable peppermint earring design. We love the way they contrasted the bright red of the peppermint with a cooler mint colour and white to really make you feel the winter festivity.

15. Silver branches bracelet

Have you been searching for a winter jewelry design to make yourself high and low but you haven’t found one that’s quite as natural as your personal style is? Novelty designs and bright colours are fun but it’s nice to try something a little more whimsical and subtle sometimes as well. That’s why we fell in love with this silver branches bracelet from All Free Jewelry Making! You might add many silver seed beads or only a few, depending on how much you want your “branches” to glisten.

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