86 Famous People Who Are Way Too Rich

Carrot Top: $70 million

He has been headlining a show at the Luxor Hotel in Vegas since 2005, and it makes him around $8 million per year.

Vanna White: $85 million

She makes $10 million a year to reveal letters on Wheel Of Fortune.

Kaley Cuoco: $100 million

She made $1 million per episode on The Big Bang Theory.

Kenny G: $100 million

He is the most famous saxophone player in the world and he invested in Starbucks early on. Stock money + sax money = good.

LL Cool J: $120 million

Other than his music career, he makes $350,000 per episode on NCIS.

Rowan Atkinson: $150 million

Mr. Bean made that dough and these days has a huge car collection. He sold one of his cars for $12 million in 2015.

David Guetta: $150 million

In 2021, he sold his entire catalog of music to Warner Music for $100 million.

Heidi Klum: $160 million

She makes $19 million a year from all her various ventures.

Jim Parsons: $160 million

He was making $1 million an episode on The Big Bang Theory.

Sacha Baron Cohen: $160 million

It’s all that Borat money.

Adam Levine: $160 million

He started his own record label and also made $14 million a year judging on The Voice.

Sofia Vergara: $180 million

At one point she was making $500 Thousand per episode of Modern Family.

Usher: $180 million

He sings, acts, and is part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the music streaming service Tidal.

Master P: $200 million

He is a media mogul in addition to being a rapper, with a salary of about $20 million a year.

Ed Sheeran: $200 million

He made $64 million between 2019–2020 from touring and stuff.

Babyface: $200 million

He doesn’t just sing, but he writes and produces for other huge music stars too.

essica Simpson: $200 million

A lot comes from her retail endeavors, particularly the Jessica Simpson Collection.

Gordon Ramsey: $200 million

He has a restaurant empire and is always on TV. He makes around $45 million a year from it all.

Vin Diesel: $225 million

He makes a lot of money from the Fast and Furious movies, including $20 million for the 10th one.

Samuel L. Jackson: $250 million

He earns around $5 million every time he appears as Nick Fury in the Marvel movies.

Pharrell: $250 million

He produces and also does a lot of collaborations in the fashion industry.

Steve Harvey: $200 million

He makes money from hosting Family Feud, but even more money from his radio show.

Adele: $220 million

She’s Adele.

Denzel Washington: $280 million

He acts, produces, directs. He made around $40 million for The Little Things. He’s Denzel.

Calvin Harris: $300 million

He makes around $30 million a year. He is the richest DJ in the world!

Robert Downey Jr.: $300 million

In total he earned around $350 million from playing Iron Man for nearly 15 years.

Katy Perry: $330 million

Her money isn’t just from being a huge artist, but also from judging on American Idol, which paid her $25 million a year.

Keanu Reeves: $380 million

He has earned around $200 million from the Matrix movies alone.

Jennifer Lopez: $400 million

She acts, sings, dances, and has her own clothing line and fragrance.

Penn and Teller: $400 million

They are each worth $200 million, all from magic + comedy.

Jackie Chan: $400 million

He is not only an actor, but also owns a production company and a line of movie theaters in China.

Garth Brooks: $400 million

If he’s touring, he can earn up to $90 million a year.

Shania Twain: $400 million

She has sold more than 85 million albums. It makes sense.

Judge Judy: $440 million

She literally made $47 million a YEAR from Judge Judy.

Adam Sandler: $420 million

He makes $20 million for every movie he makes.

Dr. Phil: $460 million

He makes $80 million a year thanks to his show.

George Clooney: $500 million

He co-owned Casamigos tequila and when they sold it, he made $150 million after taxes.

Simon Cowell: $600 million

He produces and/or judges America’s Got Talent, The X-Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent. He earns dozens of millions per year for each show.

Howard Stern: $650 million

He makes around $330,000 per episode for his radio show, and also owns a lottt of real estate.

Bono: $700 million

Obviously we know him from U2 but he also has a side-hustle as a real estate investor, and is on the board of a private equity firm called Elevation Partners and something called Zipline drone delivery.

Dwayne Johnson: $800 million

It’s not just from acting, but also from being a stakeholder in Teremana Tequila.

Jerry Seinfeld: $950 million

In 2019, Netflix paid $500 million to acquire the rights to Seinfeld for five years.

Rihanna: $1.2 billion

Thanks in large part to Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty.

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