8 Unique Ideas For Your Kid Birthday Party


A Birthday party is crucial for a kid, so making it interesting and exciting for a child is a must. Children are waiting for their birthday all year and if you want your child to be really satisfied with a party, a birthday cake and a game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ won’t be enough. Take a look at the most interesting and creative ideas for your kid’s birthday party.


1. ‘Monster High’ party for girls
Children are just crazy about ‘Monster High’ these days. If your kid is one of them- this theme will fit the best. It’s not hard to find ‘monster high’ paraphernalia and decorations that make a fabulous birthday. Start with invitations so your little guests will look forward to the party. Every girl can choose a monster she wants to be and dress up in costume or just take a sticker with a name of a monster. You can hire a make-up artist to use monster make-up for every girl. Your little guests will love this idea!


Choose pink, white and black colors for decorations and food ideas. You can bake cupcakes or cookies with monsters. All food should look a little ‘scary’, like on Halloween. Don’t forget about some special dishes including pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets which all fit the bill. Just make labels for dishes and name them as ‘Monster High’ characters, for example ‘Frankie-Furter Hot Dogs’. It’ll be interesting for children and will be easy to find plates, cups with ‘Monster High’ characters.


2. ‘Pirate’ party for boys
A lot of boys dream of being a pirate so every kid will love this birthday theme. This particular theme can be a in or outdoors. Make interesting invitations for kids like a map with your address. Try burning the edges of the invitations with a lighter so it’ll look mystical. You can even send a message in a bottle! Costumes can be simple; just buy black or red bandanas, and eye patches for every boy. Decorate your home with skulls, pirate flags, fishing nets, and balloons.


You can make simple dishes, but put interesting stickers to associate every dish with your theme. Here are some good examples:
– Pirate’s Teeth (corn)
– Parrot Legs (chicken wings)
– Sea Snakes with shark blood (spaghetti in tomato sauce)
– Slimy Seaweed (pasta alfredo with green spinach fettuccini)
– Golden Treasures (macaroni and cheese)
– Shark’s Blood (tomato juice)
Don’t forget about activities. The most exciting game will be ‘Hook the Treasure’. Hide a treasure (i.e. candy), give them maps and they will try to find it.


3. Circus Party
All children love the circus, so your kid will get a kick out of this exciting theme. This kind of a birthday is perfect as an outdoor party because you can set up a circus tent. Make clown-faced invitations for kids and ask them to wear funny costumes. Use decorations to make a ‘circus’ atmosphere- put hula hoops on the floor, a lot of balloons, clown toys and animals on the table, posters with animals and clowns. Costumes are necessary for this kind of a party. Red noses, bow ties, big feet, yellow wigs, white gloves- all these accessories will help you to make a great ‘circus’ look for your guests.


Little guests will love the idea of using ‘clown’ make up. You can hire a makeup artist or make it by yourself. Also, you can buy a ‘clown’ makeup kit and let children do makeup by themselves. You can hide a clown and a magician to entertain kids. And some simple ideas for food include corn dogs, hot dogs, chicken strips, burgers, nachos and cheese, popcorn and soft pretzels; everything ] children like.


4. Pajamas party
Party down in your night gowns! Even adults love pajamas parties. One of the main advantages of pajama parties is that you can create one on a budget. Just tell the kids to take their pajamas and make a comfortable place for children. This includes mounds of pillows and a good show on TV. Choose an interesting kids movie or cartoon, cook or buy pizza, and it’s done! After a film, you can turn off the lights and tell some light scary stories with cookies and hot cocoa or milk. Easy, cheap and full of excitement!


5. Superhero party
Every child can choose a superhero that he/she wants to be. They can choose costumes or what’s more simple, T-shirts with superheroes. Buy a lot of comics for children to read (Superman, Batman, Ironman, X-men, Hulk, Wonder Woman etc.). These will also look great as decorations. Turn on superhero cartoons to play in the background. Superhero toys, posters, and balloon will also be great as decorations. Just set the mood!


Pizza, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, fruits, cupcakes- everything will be great, just add comics stickers.


6. Disney party
This kind of a party will be a great fit for girls because every girl dreams to be a princess. With this theme, girls may choose a princess dress they want from Disney. It’s not a problem today (and not expensive) to buy all this Disney stuff for a party: cups, plates, posters, napkins, balloons, etc. Turn on a Disney movie or Disney songs to play in the background. You can even throw in some karaoke! Try an Alice In Wonderland theme with teacups, a kettle and great conversation. What’s a Disney party without cupcakes? Order (or cook!) cupcakes with different Disney characters. It’ll be fairy-tale for your child.



7. Cowboy Party
Hit the ranch in style with this Cowboy themed party. Horseback riding will be the best part of this party. Cowboy hats and cowboy boots are a must! It doesn’t matter if it is a new experience or not. Make a picnic with some snacks to have after the ride. An important detail to entertain guests is to make ‘wanted’ posters out of photos. Everyone will want to make photos for great memories!



8. ‘Frozen’ party
This theme has been popular for two years so far. Girls just love Frozen and it’ll be popular even in the next few years. The main colors are blue and white. Your girl can be a ‘Frozen’ princess. There are a lot of ideas how to make this party special:
– Buy themed plates and cups
– Make pipe cleaner crowns for every girl
– Make snowmen from socks as decorations
– Make Frozen photo-booth props
– Re-watch ‘Frozen’ (believe me, children can watch it again and again)
– Bake snowman cookies
– Make Frozen Jello ‘Ice Cubes’ (blue color)


No matter what kind of a party you choose, you need to show your child how important he/she is. Just pay attention to what your child likes be it superheroes, Disney characters, cowboys or something else. Make a party your kid will appreciate.

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