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60 Hot Rooney Mara Photos Will Make You Day Better

Patricia Rooney Mara is a well-known American actress. Though she became involved in acting early on, she was too anxious to participate in school performances. Born and raised in New York on April 17, 1985, to father, Chris Mara, vice president of the New York Giants, and her mother, who is a part-time realtor, Kathleen Rooney Mara, Rooney is among one of the four Mara siblings and was shares the same name as her mother. The actress was nicknamed by the public as “football heiress”; due to her family ties to the founders of the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants. Despite the nickname, Mara was raised in a more suburban area while attending public schools before college. Rooney graduated from ‘Fox Lane High School’ in early 2003 and then completed a four-month study-abroad program, visiting South America in Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. She attended George Washington University upon her return.

A year into studying at George Washington University, the hot brunette would then transfer to New York University, studying the fields of international social policy, non-profit, and psychology. After graduating from NYU, Rooney Mara would move to the city of Los Angeles to live with her sister and test the waters of acting. She was 19 years old when she landed the audition for a minor role in the popular crime show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, as a bully who preys on the obese. A string of small parts followed this portrayal, a few examples of them are her take on a drug addict in The Cleaner and an appearance the ABC TV film Women’s Murder Club. By 2008 the sexy Hollywood star would then book her first “big movie” acting job in Dream Boy, where she gave life to the character of Evelyn – the girlfriend of the movie’s protagonist.

However, Rooney’s breakout role would be her as Lisabeth Salander in the remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She had to audition against Hollywood elites like Natalie Portman and Scarlet Johansson. The movie then proceeded to make $232.6 million and lead to multiple award nominations for Mara. The Hollywood Star isn’t married. She was in a relationship with movie director Charlie McDowell from 2010 through late 2016. She started dating fellow Hollywood actor Joaquin Phoenix shortly after. They are happily living in their home in Hollywood Hills. The curated gallery contains images of the incredibly hot Rooney Mara throughout her years as a public figure. In the collection, you will find pictures of her with her boobs and ass highlighted through skimpy dresses, bikinis, and lingerie. Photographs of Mara in photoshoots she has done in the past can also found. Just by scrolling through the gallery, you will find yourself gushing over the stunning beauty.

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