60 Hot Mckayla Maroney Photos

McKayla Rose Maroney is the epitome of being sexy and flexible at the same time. As an artistic gymnast, she has achieved several milestones in her life that is worth the recognition.

In 1995, Maroney was born in California. She also grew up here with her parents and two siblings. Since she was little, it was already one of her plans to become a good gymnast.

At a young age of 9, her parents decided to enroll her in a gymnastic school in California, Gym-Max. Here she started training and dreaming of joining the Olympics team.

In 2009, Maroney agreed to enter a championship by Visa in Dallas, Texas. Here she achieved an over-all ranking of 27th. In the next year, the artistic gymnast once again competed in CoverGirl Classic, which occurred in Illinois. She made 7th place in this particular competition.

While doing these competitions, she is also improving, and later, once again joined a Visa Championships, but now it was held in Hartford, Connecticut. She scored third place overall. Maroney also participated in many events, such as floor scoring, balance beam, and vaulting, in which she came in the first place.

Also, in 2010, she was included in the American team for the Pan American Championships. Here, the team swept the awards. They took the over-all first place, while Maroney took some personal honors as well. She took first place on both floor and vault.

After being in competitions and winning first places and runner ups, she finally qualified for the London Olympics. With Maroney’s help, the American team was able to secure the top spot in the competition. She also contributed several solo competition placements.

In the finals of the vault category, she took home the silver medal.

After her Olympic and professional competitions, Maroney suffered severe injuries that require surgeries for her to heal.

In 2013, she made a come back after her injuries have received healing. Maroney joined the Secret U.S. Classic. Here, she played vault, where she took first place, and floor, where she scored the third place.

Her sustained injury is still present, and despite joining competitions, she’s always hindered by it. In 2014, she once again opt-in an operation to fix her injuries.

In 2016, she announced her departure from the professional and competitive gymnastics scene. She explained that she suffered from persisting health-related issues that hinder her performance and well-being. These all happened after the Olympics, which is her most important contribution and achievement.

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