60 Hot And Sexy Lolo Jones Photos Around The Net

Lolo Jones is in the headlines again because of her virginity issue. The sexy hurdler said in an interview that her revelation of being a virgin killed her dating life. Although Lolo is a hot Olympian, it seems that her bikini body is still not a score for men. Lolo may seem like an ass-kicker on the field, but this lady still wants to date. To see more photos of Lolo Jones, check out our compilation here.

Lori Susan Jones was born to a single mother on August 5, 1982. She was born in Iowa, and her mother had to hold onto two jobs to support the family. When her father was in the Air Force, he was not at home a lot, and later, he got into a state prison. Lori and her four siblings had a hard time coping with the financial struggle that they had to live in the basement of the Des Moines Salvation Church.

There is a saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, but for Lori, it takes a village to raise her. After her family moved to Forest City, Iowa, Lori had to remain in Des Moines to pursue her track and field dream. Her coach had to ask a total of four families to take in Lori as she enrolls in Theodore Roosevelt High School. The Des Moines community made sure that Lori was able to take classes, eat, and sleep well, and they practically nurtured her until she reached college.

Just like her idol Kim Carson, Lori Jones also enrolled in Louisiana State University and competed at their track team. In 2002, Lolo won as a runner-up at the NCAA Outdoor Championships and later won the 60-meter hurdle in the 2003 NCAA Indoor Championships. Although Jones won in several competitions at the NCAA, she still did not qualify for the Summer Olympics in 2004. The incident disheartened the young Lolo, but her coach made sure she continued to do track and field.

Because Lol also had a financial struggle, she had to take two part-time jobs despite being an economics graduate. She also worked at Home Depot and even became a personal gym trainer.

Lolo later competed at the 2006 World Athletics Final and ranked fourth in the final US tally and seventh in the world. Fast forward to 2015, Lolo finished first in the NACAC Championships.

With Lolo’s success in Track and Field, she became a celebrity and even posed for several sports magazines. In 2009, she posed semi-nude for ESPN’s ‘The Body Issue’. Her photos showed the sides of her boobs and ass.

Currently, Lolo opened with her virginity, and that became a hindrance to her dating life

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