60 Hot And Sexy Jen Selter Photos

This sexy American celebrity is only in her twenties, but Jen Selter has made a name for herself on the Internet and fitness circles. None of her immediate family is in the entertainment industry, so this model built her empire from scratch.

She grew up in Long Island, New York, with a younger sister. Her parents separated early, but her father and mother remained friends. Her mom remarried, and she became close to her stepfather, too. The hot star liked to earn money, so she did several odd jobs growing up, like babysitting and working at the gym.

Jen Selter has a passion for photography. When she was still in middle and high school, the celebrity brought a camera wherever she went. This desire to capture the beauty in images was one of the reasons the fitness beauty got into Instagram.

Jen Selter took a year off after high school because she did not know what career to pursue. During this time, she tried out fitness, and the rest was history. Jen Selter is fervent about inspiring and motivating other people to get fit.

The gorgeous brunette is a social media queen. She has nearly 13 million followers on her Instagram alone, while her Twitter has more than a million ones. Her Facebook profile has almost 9 million subscribers, while her YouTube account has thousands. Because of her substantial following, the stunning celebrity occasionally posts sponsored photos. She reportedly receives around $80,000 per campaign.

Apart from her sponsorship posts, this young starlet has appeared on the covers of popular magazines like Vanity Fair, FHM, and Muscle and Fitness. Jen Selter’s hourglass figure highlights her impressive boobs and ass, especially when she wears those tight-fitting gym clothes. This beautiful celebrity has also made deals with well-known brands like Nike, Lululemon, and New Balance.

This social media star is passionate about getting her audience fit, as well. She has made arrangements with a nutrition supplement company, Game Plan Nutrition, and water company NY20. Fans who would like to achieve her spectacular bikini body can subscribe to Jen Selter’s fitness plan, which supposedly earns her more than a million dollars per year.

Aside from all these, she is a co-owner of BlendJet. The portable blender is top-rated among fitness enthusiasts as it is perfect for mixing fruits, smoothies, and health supplements. She has used her platform to promote the product, which comes in numerous colors.

Her agent called her the next big thing in American fitness. At the rate this model is going, it is highly likely Jen Selter will get to expand her circle and obtain more success in the future. Feel free to check out our collection of gorgeous photos of this stunning female star.

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