55 Hot Rose Namajunas Photos

We are guessing that you are visiting our website because you admire Rose Namajunas for her impressive career as a mixed martial artist. We agree that she is, indeed, worth her fans’ praise for being the former Strawweight titleholder in the women’s division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Moreover, who would not feel wowed with Rose’s achievement of making it to the number-two spot in the women’s strawweight rankings of the UFC and sixth in the promotion firm’s pound-for-pound classification? Rose is, indeed, a prolific mixed martial arts star. But you may also want to discover her feminine side, especially her hot body.

In this article, we will tackle some key tidbits about Rose’s thriving life and career. Plus, you will not regret giving us a little bit of your sweet time because we will show her sexy physique, particularly her images featuring herself wearing skimpy string bikinis that leave nothing to the imagination. You will discover how sexually captivating Rose is, especially when you get the teasing glimpses of her well-toned white ass and perfect, smooth boobs. So are you ready?

Let us first talk about Rose’s background. Miss Namajunas has Gertrude as her middle name. Her birth date is June 29, 1992, which makes her star sign Cancer, a Water symbol. Moreover, Rose is an American citizen, with her birthplace listed online as Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You will notice that Rose does not possess a North American-sounding surname. It is because she has a Lithuanian pedigree. Her grandparents are natives of Lithuania. Plus, Rose communicates fluently in their mother tongue, thanks to their frequent talks and her regular visits to the Baltic nation.

Are you aware that Rose had already demonstrated her interest in martial arts at a young age? The promising mixed martial artist began practicing Taekwondo when she was five years old. Then, she earned her junior black belt four years later. What followed next was Rose practicing jiu-jitsu and karate. Then, when Rose reached high school, she commenced her mixed martial arts and kickboxing education. Furthermore, she was a senior-year wrestler when she was completing her education at the Milwaukee High School of the Arts.

In December 2013, the UFC announced that they had signed Rose, who garnered acclaim for her fighting style involving pressure on her opponents with high kicks and jabs. Plus, she executes her signature forward movement to deliver her style best. Among Rose’s notable fights was in November 2017 at UFC 217 when she knocked down Strawweight champion Joanna Jędrzejczyk. She came in as an underdog fighting the undefeated titleholder at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Rose bagged the victory by knockout in the initial round. Then, she got the recognition of being the new UFC Women’s Strawweight champion. Besides, Rose got awarded as MMA Fighter of the Year in 2017 by sports media outlet ESPN.

Rose is a 5’5″ tall stunner who features golden-blonde hair and a striking pair of blue eyes. People near and dear to this calm-mannered MMA star call her “Thug Rose.” It is because of her intimidating scowl and courageous nature. Rose is undoubtedly sizzling-hot. No wonder, former kickboxer and mixed martial artist, Patrick Barry, did not allow her to remain on the market for long. Rose’s fiancée and training partner had proposed marriage to her in recent years. After this briefing about Rose’s life and career, we are sure that you cannot wait to view and save her titillating bikini photos now. So, here they are. Enjoy!

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