50 Sexy Olya Zueva Photos That Will Make Your Day Better

Born on July 23, 1987 in Vladivostok, Primorskiy Kray, RSFSR, former USSR (now Russia), Olya Zueva grew up in a harbor town, where a mixture of random communist left-over values, expanding consumerism, and people making efforts to make a living in suppressed, dull environment. To a great extent, her story is an echo of many: a girl who feels that her destiny has a lot more in store for her than her hometown.

Ultimately she left home and started modeling. She walked the runways of Paris, Milan, London, but, she was still not satisfied. In the year 2006, she relocated to New York and started working as an actress, but, satisfaction remained elusive.

It was only after she wrote and directed her first short film that she found her true calling. Since then her emphasis has been on making films as a director. She worked and collaborated on a number of projects with other directors, and written as well as directed various short films of her own.

In the year 2012, she graduated with honors from The New School in Film, and Screenwriting. In 2016, she directed her first feature film titled In The Hood (2018). She also wrote the script for the film. Zueva currently divides her time between Moscow and New York.

The gorgeous Olya Zueva is in a relationship with Russian actor and movie maker Danila Kozlovsky. They have been dating since the start of 2015, or maybe sooner. Their relationship was noticed after they appeared together at the premiere of Danila’s movie Dukhless 2 (2015) (Soulless 2 in English) in March 2015. However, it is widely assumed that they were romancing for some time even before that.

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