50+ Sexy And Hot Cierra Ramirez Photos

Cierra Ramirez was born in Houston, Texas, on 9 March 1995. Her dad hails from Colombia while her mother is from Mexico. She only has a sibling named Savannah. The girls are the result of the immaculate Latin mixture. The sisters were raised in the area od Sugar Land, Texas, where they both attended Westside High School. The experience here would be cut short for Cierra because she opted to finish her studies via homeschool, which would allow her to pursue a career in acting in Los Angeles. The gorgeous gal is exceptionally proud of her Latin roots and is often vocal about the beauty of their culture. She is currently one of the loveliest and most amicable people that appear on television. In a cartoon series, she plays comic world giant, Marvel’s first Queer Latina heroine, named America Chavez.

In 2012, Cierra Ramirez booked a leading role in Patricia Riggen’s drama feature titled  ‘Girl in Progress.’  She has given life to Ansiedad; a 14-year-old kid brought up by a single parent. The character was not receiving any form of care or attention from her mother. She hopes to achieve several things to achieve independence and plans on running away from her mom. She had portrayed Ansiedad with such angst and emotion that it earned the young actress massive praise for her acting skills. The performance won her an ALMA Award in the genre of  Favorite Movie Actress–Supporting Role. It was also because of this film performance that won her the Best Supporting Actress Award from the Imagen Foundation.

She is a hot Latina actress that has achieved so many at such a young age. Apart from her technical skills, Cierra is also known to possess a sexy physique. She credits her body to her love for fitness and yoga, which she gained thanks to her mom. Her Instagram profile has a total of 2.8 million followers. In her profile page, you will find pictures of her in a bikini, snippets from her daily life, and a ton of posts dedicated to her dog. In the images gallery, you will find pictures similar to those done by the bombshell in sexy photoshoots, red carpet shots, magazine spreads, promotional materials, and more! She is known to have abundant boobs and a curvy ass guaranteed to drive anybody crazy. Cierra Ramirez is both a symbol of diversity and an angel on Earth. Love her or hate her; she is making her mark in Latin and pop culture!

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