50 Hot Photos Of Ada Nicodemou

Ada Nicodemou, born on 14 May, 1977, is an Australian born Greek Cypriot actor. Ada Nicodemou completed her education from The Grange Public School and later enrolled in the Johny Young Talent School to gain skills on singing, dancing and acting. Ada Nicodemou was raised with her younger brother in Minto.

At an early age of 16 years, Ada Nicodemou auditioned for a TV series, ABC1’s Heartbreak High, where Ada Nicodemou was eventually cast as Katerina Loannou in ABC1’s Heartbreak High in 1994. Before being signed as the main lead, Ada Nicodemou was in the show on a contractual basis for 12 weeks. But Ada Nicodemou’s performance made her grab the main lead.

While working on Heartbreak High between 1994 to 1997, Ada Nicodemou was seen in 12 episodes of Police Rescue as Anastasia Skouras. After Heartbreak High wrapped up, Ada Nicodemou was seen playing the lead role in Breakers in 1997 as Fiona Motson. In 1999, Ada Nicodemou was seen in a science fiction film, The Matrix as Dujour and made an appearance in a children’s series, BeastMaster for one episode.

Gaining popularity, Ada Nicodemou was cast as the main lead in Home and Away since 22 March 2000 as Leah Patterson-Baker. Ada Nicodemou had auditioned for Home and Away in 1992 to play Sarah Thompson but the producers didn’t find her to be the best suit for the character and chose Laura Vasquez. The producers of the show then approached her to be a part of the series as the main lead to play the role of Leah which Ada Nicodemou accepted with open arms, where Ada Nicodemou was on a contract of six months. Ada Nicodemou has been the show’s longest-serving actors in 2018.

Ada Nicodemou got married in 2007 to Chrys Xipolitas. Ada Nicodemou and her husband decided to part ways in 2010 but were back together as a happy couple in 2010. Ada Nicodemou gave birth to her first child in August 2012. While expecting for her second baby, in August 2014, Ada Nicodemou lost her second child due to a miscarriage. In 2015, Ada Nicodemou and her husband part ways and Ada Nicodemou is now in a relationship since 2016, with Adam Rigby, a successful businessman.

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