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50 Hot María Gabriela De Faría Photos That Will Make Your Day Better

Born on 11th September 1992 María Gabriela de Faría Chacón is a Venezuelan actress, model, singer and dancer. She is extremely well-known for her various parts in television series across Latin America. She started her career like any struggling actor. She appeared in various projects, some credited and some uncredited.

Her first onscreen appearance was in 2002 with a television series called Trapos íntimos where she had a recurring role. She was next seen in a television film La señora de Cárdenas (2003). She also had a recurring role in the 2005 show, Ser Bonita, no basta. It was in the year 2006 that she got a lead role in a television series. She played the lead Wendy in Túkiti. Her work started getting attention and appreciation. After that, she was seen in several television shows in either the lead or co-lead capacity. She was part of some famous series like Toda una dama(2007), Isa TKM(2008), Isa TK (2009), Grachi(2011-2013) and many more. These parts helped her career and created an identity for her. After years in television, she got her first break in the movies in the year 2012.

María Gabriela de Faría’s first significant film role came with a film titled El paseo 2. On this film she co-stared with John Leguizamo. She was next seen in Crossing point (2016), where she played the character of Erika. Though this was her second film, it was her first English movie. In the same year, she also did a movie called Pacifico.

She continued with her television roles that brought in further work and fame. She played a recurring role in Vikki RPM (2017) and played the lead in Deadly Class (2019). In 2018 she also did another movie called Plan V.

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