50 Hot Margo Harshman Photos That Will Make Your Hands Sweat

Born as Margo Cathleen Harshman in the year 1986 on 4 th March, Margo Harshman is an American actress who is best known for her performances on The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon Cooper’s assistant, Alex Jensen, and as Delilah McGee, Timothy who is McGee’s paraplegic wife on NCIS. Margo Harshman was born in San Diego, California. Margo Harshman has two elder sisters, as well as one older brother and one younger brother. Margo Harshman resided at La Costa, San Diego County, California and went to school there until she was twelve years old, a post which Margo Harshman shifted to Orange County, California. Over there Margo Harshman had completed the rest of her education, at first during Hewes Middle School and then during Foothill High School. At present Margo Harshman resides at the city of Los Angeles.

Margo Harshman is related to the former professional baseball pitcher named Jack Harshman as well as the former Washington State University and University of Washington basketball coach named Marv Harshman. In the year 2014, on 14 th May, Margo Harshman’s mother, named Janelle Louise Harshman, had passed away due to breast cancer post battling with the disease for a period of over twenty years. When Margo Harshman was two years old, her grandmother had enrolled her in a beauty pageant. When Margo Harshman was three years old, she had taken part in dance and gymnastics. When Margo Harshman was five years old, she had learned to play piano, and when Margo Harshman was eight years old, she started to act and met her first manager.

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