50 Hot And Sexy Sarah Mcdaniel Photos

Brown and blue. The colors of Sarah McDaniel’s eyes are brown and blue. Brown on the right, blue on the left. Apart from being such a beautiful model, she also has heterochromia iridium, a condition where the difference of melatonin in her eyes causes her to have different colors. She became iconic for that, a pretty face combined with unique eyes. It’s some perfect imperfection.

Sarah McDaniel, or Sarah Rose McDaniel, is an American model known for her modeling career and music video appearances, like in the Summer Breaking and Daffodils by Mark Ronson. She came as a blessing on earth on July 30, 1995. This California-born woman is the daughter of Gregory Paul McDaniel and Angela McDaniel. Sarah McDaniel’s condition made her a subject of bullying during her childhood days.

She got featured as the first non-nude model for Playboy Magazine, specifically for the March 2016 issue. Her stunning looks caused a lot of readers to admire her. Who can blame them? Her first music video appearances were in Mark Ronson’s songs, followed by Some Drug, a G-Eazy single.

Her iconic features allowed her to be interviewed in the famous TV talk show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (2015-present). In this interview, we can happily talk to Stephen Colbert while wearing a pretty red dress, which made her boobs a favor, considering the amount of cleavage shown. In that episode, she seems to have trouble wearing that dress because it keeps on falling off! Good thing Stephen Colbert knows how to fix it: by covering her chest area with a paper! Nice!

Her most iconic work was with Playboy magazine. In over 50 years of beautiful, naked girls, Sarah McDaniel was the first non-nude to be featured on the centerfold. Her bikini body got showcased there, with her firm ass having some emphasis. This effort was Playboy’s attempt to get in touch with the more millennial audiences. Some people say that this action was the death of the iconic brand, but really, who cares? It still features the most beautiful and hottest girls on the planet, whether nude or not.

Aside from being a model and a social media icon, she is also a great writer! You can see her blog posts on the website Vocal. There she talks about a lot of various topics like consciousness, cannabis, space, science, and out-of-the-box thinking. Sarah McDaniels doesn’t just look beautiful; she also has the brains. What a combination!

Sarah McDaniel is a whole package of delight. She is smart, sexy, hot, well-read, and, most of all, charming. Few women have such a combination; that’s why Sarah McDaniel is a unique specimen of divine beauty.

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