50 Hot And Sexy Laura Acuna Photos

Born as Laura Janeth Ayala Acuña in Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia, on June 15th, in the year 1982, Laura Acuna is a moderator of TV and model in Colombia. Laura Acuna was the moderator of the Very Good Days magazine of RCN Televisión and as moderator of RCN News Show RCN which was broadcasted 5:30 am. Laura Acuna finished her investigations of Baccalaureate at the Educational Institution of Our Lady of the Pillar of Bucaramanga. When graduated, Laura Acuna started her law learns at the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga. Laura Acuna then delayed her education by committing herself to the modeling and the introduction in projects of the territorial station Regional Television of the East. When moving to Bogotá, Laura Acuna was contracted by RCN Televisión to drive Out of spot and Good morning. When Laura Acuna met Camilo Montoya, at that point moderator of the Caracol channel, amid the inclusion of the Reign of Cartagena. Laura Acuna was 22 years of age, eleven years more youthful than him, yet love cleared away.

In merely months they arranged the wedding and he moved paradise and earth to find Laura Acuna a line of work in Bogotá: Laura Acuna completed in the challenge, RCN. In 2006, Laura Acuna isolated from Camilo Montoya, after under two years of marriage. Before long, Laura Acuna began an association with the melodic maker José Gaviria. Toward the start of 2007, Laura Acuna had contrasts with her set mate Mabel Cartagena, and he surrendered to Good morning. Months after the fact Laura Acuna was re-established. In 2010, Laura Acuna contracted marriage with the representative Rodrigo, proprietor of the Joyeria Bauer. After numerous challenges Laura Acuna got pregnant. In 2016 Laura Acuna has a little girl named Helena with her present spouse Rodrigo Kling. In January of 2018, Laura Acuña declared that she was pregnant with her second kid, a youngster she would call Nicolás out of appreciation for her previous program accomplice LOS ORIGINALES Nicolas Samper.

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