50 Hot And Sexy Johanna Braddy Photos

Johanna Braddy is an American actress famous for both the horror film ‘The Grudge 3’ and the popular drama series ‘Video Game High School.’ She is also known for her leading roles in the programs ‘Quantico’ and ‘Unreal.’ The sexy starlet is an engineer’s daughter and a music teacher. Braddy also has a younger sibling. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and originally planned to follow a career as a professional operatic singer. Johanna signed up for dance lessons at the age of three, and by the time she was eight, Braddy rendered her theatre debut in a performance of ‘Annie.’

In 2004, Johanna made her first-ever TV appearance with a stint in the ‘Pop Rocks’ TV film. She dubbed Princess Yue ‘s character in the hit kid-animated series ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ from the Nickelodeon Network. She also played a recurring role in ‘The Riches.’ Braddy also got featured playing characters in the movies ‘Home of the Giants.’ and ‘Broken Bridges.’ The young star appeared in the controversial film ‘Whore,’ portraying Margot’s character in 2008. She got showcased in the cop show series ‘Southland,’ and this lasted for a year. During that period, she starred in the tragic thriller film ‘Hurt’ starring with amazing actors like Melora Walters, Sofia Vassilieva, William Mapother, and Jackson Rathbone. The hot blonde also had guest appearances in other crime shows like ‘Detroit 1-8-7’ and ‘CSI: Miami.’ A few more examples of her fan-favorite guest roles include performances in the ‘Leverage,’ ‘Friends with Benefits,’ and the popular series ‘Criminal Minds.’ Johanna Braddy also got to work in the horror movies ‘The Levenger Tapes’ and ‘Paranormal Activity 3,’ which both premiered in the year 2011.

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