50 Hot And Sexy Chelsey Crisp Photos

After her hot and thrilling television debut on Scare Tactics in 2004, Crisp landed her first leading role in a 2005 film, Dr. Chopper. The actress appeared as a guest star on various television series, including CSI: Miami, The Office, New Girl, and even starred as a contestant in The Joe Schmo Show, a mock reality game show. Crisp was no stranger to game shows. She won in 2004 NBC’s Fear Factor, which led her to host and direct the show’s segment for a while in Singapore.

In 2016, her projects lined up one after another. She had roles in The 60 Yard Line, Bleed, The Clawed, Life With Dog, and one of her known works, In-Lawfully Yours, a Christian-themed romantic comedy film where she starred as an Atheist female lead going through a divorce. The film was one of the projects Crisp naturally fell in love with, in terms of the character and the funnily written storyline which revolves around the awkward woman who speaks as she thinks.

What truly cemented Crisp’s acting career was her role in the ABC produced comedy series Fresh Off the Boat. The actress plays the sexy blonde neighbor with the voluptuous boobs, Honey. The actress shares how the television series allows her to learn more about diversity and, ultimately, through the show, it spreads awareness to their viewers. She added she also did not want to play the typical blonde dumb bimbo, who seemed like she only had bikini in her wardrobe. Thankfully, the screenwriters and director for Fresh off The Boat did not want that either, but they aim to bring diverse stories and bring all possible views.

Aside from her acting career, Crisp involves herself behind the scenes as well. For six years, she was the artistic director and an active member of the all-female comedy group, Duchess Riot. The troupe formed in 2011. Her team does sketch comedy and performs improv skits. The actress still does improv shows monthly where she discusses her recent film and her love in creating comedy with her group. Also, the actress holds a residency at the ACME Comedy Theater’s house.

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