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50 Hot And Sexy Britt McHenry Photos

Britt McHenry is one of the sexiest TV hosts with her wavy blonde hair and amazing hips. Aside from reporting, the female host is also a former athlete.

Brittany May McHenry was born in 1996 in New Jersey. As a young girl, she grew up in a small city in Florida.

McHenry started to develop her love for sports as a young girl. She and her friends would play at the beachside along with their soccer ball.

In high school, Britt showed early signs that she would end up on TV. She worked as an editor for the school paper and read program announcements.

When she entered college, Britt attended Stetson University and joined the women’s soccer team. She also got a modeling job to support her family’s needs.

McHenry did a terrific job on juggling school and modeling work when she graduated magna cum laude. After college, she made it to graduate school and took journalism at Northwestern University. While studying, McHenry covered news stories in Chicago and worked at Fox News as an intern.

She later began her TV career as backpack reporter and fill-in anchor at NewsChannel 8. However, after convincing her managers to try sports reporting, she successfully landed a position as a sportscaster with WJLA in 2010.

A few years later, McHenry left WJLA and joined sports channel ESPN as Washington-bureau reporter in 2014. McHenry also appeared as a host on NFL Live and Outside the Lines.

In 2015, McHenry got involved in an ugly incident after mocking a towing company employee. The video went viral where Britt was throwing hurtful insults. As a result, ESPN suspended McHenry for one week. She later apologized on her Twitter account.

McHenry’s career in ESPN ended in 2017 after the network cut loose its employees. In her Twitter, McHenry suggested that she got fired because of her conservative views.

Britt later joined Fox News in 2018. She currently appears as Fox News contributor and co-hosts Fox Nation. Aside from hosting, McHenry writes columns at an online magazine The Federalist.

In February 2020, McHenry revealed in her social media account that she is suffering from a brain tumor. Following her announcement, the former sports reporter regularly updated her fans on Twitter regarding her treatment and testing. She underwent surgery and got her tumor removed on March 4th.

When it comes to dating, the Fox TV host started seeing professional tennis player Tennys Sandgren in June 2018. However, in a magazine interview with Washingtonian in January 2019, Britt shared that she and Tennys broke up.

Alongside her TV appearances, the 34-year-old has photoshoots on her schedule. McHenry is often spotted looking hot in tight-fitting outfits that reveal the shape of her ass and boobs. Aside from bikinis, the hot TV host prefers wearing strappy dresses, off-shoulder tops, and high slit gowns.

Now take a closer look on Britt McHenry’s photos flaunting her figure.

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