50 Hot And Sexy Anna Sedokova Photos

Born as Anna Vladimirovna Sedokova on 16th December in the year 1982, Anna Sedokova is a Ukrainian artist, on-screen character and TV moderator of Russian origin. Anna Sedokova came to unmistakable quality in 2002 as an individual from pop young lady gather Nu Virgos, referred to in the CIS nations as VIA Gra and in which Anna Sedokova was nicknamed Anya. Following two years in the “brilliant line-up” of the gathering, Anna Sedokova sought after a performance music vocation in 2006. Anna Sedokova released a series of singles until her presentation album, Lichnoe, was released in 2016 to business achievement, cresting at number two in Russia. All the while to her music vocation, Anna Sedokova accomplished prevalent acknowledgment as an on-screen character and TV moderator in Ukrainian and Russian preparations. From 2004 to 2006, Anna Sedokova was hitched to Belorussian footballer Valentin Belkevich. From that point forward, in 2011 Anna Sedokova wedded representative Maxim Chernyavsky. Anna Sedokova currently lives in Los Angeles with her three youngsters. Anna Sedokova built up a youthful enthusiasm for music and dance, and she entered The National Culture and Art University of Ukraine when she was seventeen years old. Anna Sedokova’s first TV venture was fill in as a reporter the music TV channel, O-TV. By the age of eighteen, Anna Sedokova had worked in three TV programs: NEWS BLOK, Fashionable Life, and The Big Sunday News Digest. In 2001 Anna Sedokova passed a tryout for the morning show Podjem – “Waking up”, which had the most elevated evaluations in the nation, on Novyi Kanal – New Channel. In the meantime, Anna Sedokova proceeded with her examinations at the college.

Somewhere in the range of 2002 and 2004, Anna Sedokova was an individual from the Nu Virgos pop gathering. Anna Sedokova showed up in a motion picture titled Cinderella and another dependent on a Gogol book, which was known as The Evenings on the Homestead. Anna Sedokova’s 2006 job in The Tunguska Meteorite was a defining moment and in 2008 she acted in The Power of Attraction. Anna Sedokova’s latest motion picture is Pregnant. Anna Sedokova has likewise begun a performance vocalist profession. Anna Sedokova’s first video for the tune “My Heart” achieved the highest point of the diagrams and picked up her a “Group of people Appreciation” Award at the “5 STARS” Sotchi Music Festival. A short time later, Anna Sedokova completed a video for her melody “The Very Best Girl” and “I Am Getting Used”. The two recordings were gigantic hits in Russia and Ukraine. In any case, TV wouldn’t let Anna Sedokova go. “TVStar Superstar”, the most costly show in the nation’s history, went on air on the “Ukraine” Channel in 2008. Each Sunday Anna Sedokova was in the life communicated of a 3-hour appear with 400 members.

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