Monday , 27 June 2022

50 Hot And Sexy Angelique Burgos Photos

The television industry has seen many success stories being written by some very talented artists and actresses. Angelique Burgos is one such name who has made it big in the television sector as an actress and also as a television host.

Her claim to fame has been marked by some moments like the winning of the Puerto Rico television reality show Pa Que Te Lo Goces. The show “Don’t fall asleep” sees her as a model. Currently, she is doing great with her career and is hosting the famous show by the name, “  Pegate al Mediodia” which is also telecast on the Puerto Rico television at the Wapa TV.

She was born on the 17th of December in the year 1978 and even at the age of 40 is a remarkable figure in the industry. She also goes by the name La Burbu which is her television name in many cases and the one known to the fans.

She is not just about the television industry only. In fact, she is a brave woman who wrote about her troubled childhood where she was raped. She penned down her horrifying experiences in a book called the Un Grito de Silencio in the year 2009. This book seeks to help other such victims who are scarred by such incidents of abuse.

In terms of her personal life, she is fairly settled with her husband and her kids. She married a basketball star Elias Larry Ayuso and has two kids. The two kids are Sailh Elias and Kokoh Mar. While the former was born in the year 2011 the latter was born in the year 2017.

All in all Angelique Burgos is quite a star in Puerto Rico and is going strong even after all these years in the television industry.

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