50 Hot And Sexy Allie Crandell Photos

When it comes to impeccable beauty and acting skills, Alexandra Allie Crandell or simply Allie Crandell as she is fondly known as hardly has any competition. She is a successful television personality and apart from that, she has also been able to make it big when it comes to her modeling career. While she is known for several events and achievements, one of her most famous and popular appearances is when she was on MTV and was loved and appreciated all over the country.

Allie Crandell was born in the year 1987 in California, US. She stepped into the world of modeling fairly early in her career. She made her first important mark in modeling when she was signed to the prestigious Wilhelmina Models which was one of the prime modeling organizations. With her skills and talents, she soon got several other opportunities leading up to her appearance on TV which further increased her fame.

She has a beautiful and unique appearance and stands fairly tall at the height of five feet and eight inches. She has brown eyes which add a further dimension to her face and is also blessed with beautiful brown hair. Overall she is just tailor-made for a successful career in modeling with such god gifted features.

It was in 2008 when Allie Crandell was chosen to be a part of “The City” which was a popular show on MTV. She did justice to this opportunity and the offers for her kept pouring in without interruption. In the first season, she had a major role for herself and with further seasons when her roles dried out she even quit the show to focus on other things.

She is now represented by One Model Management and the organization “Independent Models” based in London. At the age of 32, she is all set to add further color to her already illustrious career.

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