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50 Hot And Sexy Alejandra Guzman Photos

Gabriela Alejandra GuzmánPinal or simply Alejandra Guzman is the absolute personification of success. She is an idol for countless people both in and outside her country. She is a versatile professional having mastered the art of music, songwriting, and acting, as well. Her soothing voice, command over the microphone, command over her crowd, and the sheer passion to do everything of the most top-notch quality possible has helped her reach a landmark sales of 30 lakh plus copies of her music albums, singles worldwide.

With an impressive count of 15 albums since her debut album in 1998, ‘Bye Mama’ has come a long way and has seen a hell lot of ups and downs to finally cement her positioning among the greatest. Soy, has, without a doubt been the best album she has come up with. In a sky full of stars, soy shines like a supernova, the light of which ended up in Gabriela Alejandra Guzman Pinal getting a Latin Grammy in 2002 for her stupendous performance which has left an indelible mark on the textbook of Mexican musical history text-book.

Among her other awards and honours include, Gabriela Alejandra GuzmánPinal winning the ASCAP Latin Award for the very prestigious Pop Balad: “Volvertea Amar” in 2006, the legendary Soy sólo un Secreto” in 2009 and “Día de Suerte’ in 2012. At the Premios Oye! She won the Album of the Year and the Best Artist in 2006. In 2010, at the Premios Juventud, she won the best rock artist again.

Recently, she got added as a TV show judge alongside Despacito hero and legend, Luis Fonsi. On July 5, 2018, Telemundo offered and hired Alejandra Guzman and Luis Fonsi as a coach on La Voz. She was selected to join the triplets, Fonsi, Vives and Wisin as coaches on The Voice.

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