50 Hot Ally Maki Photos That Will Make Your Day Better

She was born in Seattle, Washington, on December 29, 1986, as Allyson Matsumura. When she was fourteen years old, Ally Maki relocated to Los Angeles after being scouted by a talent scout. She then got signed on to Columbia Records through an all-girl band called “The Valli Girls” upon her introduction to the L.A. scene. Ally got featured on the A.B.C. family installment “10 Things I Hate About You” as “Dawn” in 2009 and eventually covered are supporting role in the movie “Geography Club, Playing” the Asian character Min. A Japanese American actress, Maki, has become a prime example of comprehensive benefits.

She has succeeded in bringing her significant star quality and good looks to many projects, including the film Wrecked. She is just starting to earn the prominence she deserves. Many people ask who she is beyond the powerful performances. Even though Maki chooses to spend most of her time working as a performer, she also possesses other abilities. Journalism is one of her biggest passions. Surprisingly, she even did an internship for U.S. Weekly while still in secondary school. As an intern, Maki assisted in producing articles for the online news site. Supporters should consider themselves lucky that she did not decide to continue publishing as a full-time career.

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