5 Surprising Stats That Can Fix Your Bedroom Issues Today


Although, it’s been a while since I’ve been in a long-term relationship, after many years of observing other relationships (both romantic and non-romantic), it’s been clear that poor communication has always been the downfall of these once glorious relationships.

One major thing that couples fail to realize is that their communication inside of the bedroom, translates to what happens outside the bedroom. And while the bedroom is not the most important aspect of a relationship, it’s definitely a large part of it.

So, really it’s crucial that you lay everything about your sexual desires on the table (or bed). Much to my surprise this isn’t the case in many bedrooms, according to Under the Covers research conducted by Couples Chemistry, a relationship-building Love Kit that’s based on a questionnaire completed individually by each party in a committed relationship.

But, this discovery isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “Uncovering this is actually a good thing, because it means couples have plenty of room to achieve a deeper intimacy, if they begin to share and explore these revelations with each other,” said Couples Chemistry founder and president, Stacey Burton.

Here’s what the company found about couples in long-term relationships.

1. 97 Percent Of Couples Desire A More Intimate, Exploratory Relationship With Their Partner
Physical touch is a key component to relationships, says science. So it’s completely natural to crave it — don’t feel ashamed asking your significant other to up the ante.

2. 76 Percent Of People In Relationships Talk Freely About Sexual Desires And Turn-Ons (78 Percent Of Women, 72 Percent Of Men)
This is good news! It means you’re one step closer to making those fantasies a reality. You know what they say—ask and you shall receive.

3. 75 Percent Of People In Relationships Have Sexual Curiosities They’ve Never Shared With Their Partner (73 Percent Of Women, 77 Percent Of Men)
Curiosity may not necessarily mean you end up (or even truly desire) to try whatever you’re fantasizing about, but you won’t ever know until you explore your options with your partner. They might even have the same fantasy.

4. 51 Percent Of Partners Have Turn-Ons They’re Embarrassed To Openly Share Fantasies With Their Significant Other
You’ve heard at one point or another in your life—whether it were about food or sex—”a closed mouth won’t get fed.” Unfortunately, there aren’t many of us who were blessed with the ability to read minds, so if you don’t have open up about your turn-ons (and vice versa), you can’t fully blame your partner when you aren’t satisfied.

5. 80 Percent Of People Have Sexual Desires They’ve Never Expressed With Their Partners, But Want To
It’s the same concept as when you were in elementary school and you were afraid to ask the question because you didn’t want to look weird, but the teacher always persuaded someone to ask with the logic that chances are someone else may have the same question. Take that and apply it here. The worst that could possibly happen is they tell you they’re not interested, but even so, any good relationship knows the art of compromise. Sit down with your partner and have this conversation, because while they may or may not have the exact same sexual interests, chances are they have some that they’re afraid to share, as well.

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