45 Hot Jayma Mays Photos Will Make Your Head Spin

You will never forget that charming smile and that cute voice that Jayma Mays has. The Glee actress always wore her laugh, making her look hot even without flaunting boobs or ass. Jayma’s petit bikini body made her even more stunningly beautiful whenever she portrays her roles. To see more of Jayma Mays, you can check out our compilation of photos.

James Mays and Susan Paulette welcomed baby Jamia Suzette Mays on July 16, 1979. Jayma spent her childhood in Virginia, although she was born in Tennessee. At 15 years old, Jayma got the opportunity to work for a radio station. Her work involved reading the obituaries.

Jayma’s first official acting gig was her guest role in the TV series, Joey. She then continued getting guest roles until 2006, appearing in The Comeback, Stacked, and Entourage. In 2005, she had her first movie gig in the film Red Eye.

In 2006, Jayma had her first TV break when she got a recurring role in the superhero drama series, Heroes. She appeared in 5 episodes until her last appearance in 2010. She also had more recurring roles from 2007 to 2008. She portrayed the character Charlie in the famous comedy-drama, Ugly Betty.

But Jayma’s most significant TV breakthrough was her role in the famous musical comedy-drama, Glee. She portrayed the character of the guidance counselor, Emma Pillsbury. Jayma showed off her uniquely cute voice and her charmingly sexy smile as she played the OC Emma. She first appeared in season one until season three. She then had a recurring role in season four to six, in a total of 61 episodes.

Jayma’s performance on Glee got several positive reviews from critics, and she even got an award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. After her success in Glee, Jayma’s career soared high. She starred in the 3D live-action of the movie, The Smurfs and even reprised her role in The Smurfs 2.

Throughout 2012 to 2018, Jayma’s career on TV became more successful. She starred in many TV series, including The Millers, which premiered in 2013.

Then, in 2017, Jayma got another leading role on the TV sitcom, Trial and Error. She portrayed the character, Carol Anne Keane, and appeared in all episodes of seasons one and two.

While being busy with her TV projects, Jayma was also doing movie jobs. In 2017, she appeared in the movie, American Made and played the character, Dana Sibota.

Currently, Jayma is a wife and a mother to her son, Jude Jones. She met her husband, Adam Campbell, in the set of her movie, Epic Movie, in 2006.

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