45 Hot Fernanda Machado Photos

Fernanda Arrias Machado, a Brazilian actress was born 10 October 1980.

Fernanda Machado loved theatre and was a part of it since 1998. Fernanda Machado has done plays like Hara Kiri in 1998, Adagio Numero 6 in 1999, Lagrimas Puras Em Olhos Pornograficos in 2000 and played the role of Alice. Fernanda Machado was later seen in 2001 in Senhora and continued to be a part of theatre with various other plays. In 2010, Fernanda Machado was last seen in theatre in Mente Mentira where she portrayed the character of Berth.

Fernanda Machado got her first break in 2004, when she played the role of Sonya in Rede Globo’s telenovela Começar de Novo, by Antônio Calmon and Elizabeth Jhin. In 2005, Fernanda Machado played Dalila in 2005 Rede Globo’s telenovela Alma Gêmea and was seen as Joana in 2007’s telenovela Paraíso Tropical for she was awarded as the 2007 Best Supporting Actress of TV Globo. Fernanda Machado was seen as Laís in Rede Globo’s 2009 telenovela Caras & Bocas.

In the same year, Fernanda Machado starred as Maria in Tropa de Elite and grabbed an award in the Berlin Film Festival in 2008. Fernanda Machado played Luciana in 2011 Rede Globo’s telenovela Insensato Coração, playing the role of Luciana. Fernanda Machado’s last episode in the series was seen as Fernanda Machado was killed in a plane crash on January 25, 2011.

Along with many television series, Fernanda Machado was also seen in a couple of films like Inesquecivel and Tropa de Elite in 2007, Inverno in 2008, Flordelis – Basta uma Palavra para Mudar in 2009, Mentiras Sinceras and Amanha Nunca Mais in 2011, and Man Camp in 2013. Fernanda Machado was also seen in Confia em Mim and was last seen in A Menina Indigo in 2016.

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