43 Semi Nude Shakira Photos

“Oh Baby When You talk like That, You Make a Woman Go Mad, So be Wise and Keep on Reading the Signs of My Body”! Who can forget her ‘hips don’t lie’ she says so assertively in this rocking number? Sure, she keeps her body moving and the fans moving too and droll over her hottest of ass images. The sexiest, the most sensational Latina chick is a real babe and her body, not a joke. She moves her butt far better and sensuously than any other chick in the world.

Starting her career with Magia and Peligro which wasn’t a commercial success, bootilicious Shakira won several awards and accolades and was being nominated for the Golden Globe Award too. Curvy Shakira, booty Shakira has millions of fan following and is currently the most selling music artist. It is only with her album Laundry Service, 2001, she gained limelight followed by “Whenever Wherever”, her most successful single to date.

Her success was established with Fijacion Oral and Oral Fixation followed by Volume Two. Shakira earned a lot of fame with “Waka Waka”, the official song of FIFA World Cup 2010. It had seen more than 10 million downloads from all across the globe and more than 2 billion views. She bagged a lot of awards for her top-selling hits and that she has the greatest number.

Let’s take a ride through her sexiest image gallery which is sure to make you wonder how one can be so beautiful. Right from her Red Carpet images, bikini beach photos, you will find everything from magazine shoots to the promotional ones. Featuring high-quality background, Shakira’s hot half nude pics will make you want more and more.

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