40+ Sexy And Hot Ashlee Simpson Photos

But before you relish these visual delights, let us discover some tidbits about the life and career of the breathtaking Ashlee. The beautiful blue-eyed and blonde bombshell has the middle name, Nicolle. Her birth date listed online is October 3, 1984, which makes her zodiac sign Libra. Also, Ashlee is a Texan, calling Waco, Texas, as her birthplace. As for her family, Ashlee’s Mom is Mrs. Tina Ann Drew-Simpson, and her Dad is Mr. Joseph Truett Simpson. If you did not know about it, this stunning hot babe is the younger sister of famous singer-actress Jessica Simpson.

Ashlee studied classical ballet when she was a young girl. Also, she obtained further training from New York City’s School of American Ballet. Then, when Jessica became active in her singing career in the late 1990s, Ashlee engaged in TV commercial modeling. For Jessica’s world tours, Ashlee also worked as among her sister’s back-up dancers. Ashlee wanted to follow her older sister’s footsteps. Hence, she also released several studio albums. They include her first song compilation, “Autobiography,” in 2004, followed by “I Am Me” in 2005. Three years later, “Bittersweet World” became available for Ashlee’s fans.

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