40 Hot Photos Of Theresa Randle

Born as Theresa E. Randle on December 27th, in the year 1964, Theresa Randle is an American performing artist. Theresa Randle has shown up in movies, for example, Malcolm X in the year 1992, Sugar Hill in the year 1994, Beverly Hills Cop III in the year 1994, Bad Boys in the year 1995, Girl 6 in the year 1996, Space Jam in the year 1996, Spawn in the year 1997, and Bad Boys II in the year 2003. Theresa Randle was conceived in Gary, Indiana. Theresa Randle started her performing vocation by contemplating dance-customary, modern, jazz and parody. Theresa Randle entered Beverly Hills High School with a unique program for the incredibly talented. Toward the finish of school, Theresa Randle earned her first job at the Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center and was found in ads. Theresa Randle was likewise associated with following up on the stage. Dramatic jobs incorporate into Command of the Children, Sonata, 6 Parts of Musical Broadway, and Fight the Good Fight. In 1983 Theresa Randle showed up in a George Clinton video, “Last Dance”. In 1987, Theresa Randle got her first widescreen break with Maid to Order. For the following three years, Theresa Randle showed up in little jobs in movies, for example, Easy Wheels in the year 1989 and Heart Condition in the year 1990, with Denzel Washington.

Theresa Randle proceeded in little jobs by chiefs like Abel Ferrara in the year King of New York 1990 and Spike Lee in Jungle Fever in the year 1991 and Malcolm X 1992. Theresa Randle likewise featured with Wesley Snipes in the film Sugar Hill in the year 1994 and furthermore showed up with Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop III around the same time. Theresa Randle co-featured in CB4 in the year 1993 with Chris Rock, Bad Boys in the year 1995 with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, and its spin-off Bad Boys II. In 1996, Theresa Randle earned her initially featuring job in Spike Lee’s film Girl 6, playing a youthful out-of-work performing artist who becomes involved with the enchanting yet dim universe of telephone sex. Theresa Randle later showed up in Space Jam in the year 1996 with Michael Jordan and the film adjustment of the comic book Spawn in the year 1997. In 2006, Theresa Randle played Marine Capt. Amy Jennings in the two Eagle One motion pictures. Theresa Randle’s latest credit, a job in Shit Year, was released in 2010.

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