40 Hot Lamitta Franjieh Photos

Born on 15 November, 1980 in Zoharta, Lebanon, Lamitta Frangieh is a Lebanese actress, former beauty pageant contestant and fashion model. She was the first runner up at Miss Lebanon 2004 pageant held at the LBC Studios in Adma Lebanon. Despite getting the top scores from nine independent jury members, she was placed at the first runner up position. She received highest score in Swimwear with a score of 9.882 and was voted to be the most likely person to win the pageant, and even the local media backed her. However, it was the political and religious interference that ensured her ending the pageant as a runner-up. She then participated in the Miss World 2005 pageant where she was placed in the Top 12. She started modelling when she was 13 years of age and was the youngest model in Lebanon. Her modelling career reached its top in July 2005 when she modelled for Robert Abi Nader in Paris with famous super models. She has been in major catwalks, magazines and photo-shoots all over the world and has worked with 2 major magazines for 3 years as a fashion art director (Hia and al Rajol Magazine).

As an actress, she has worked in various films and TV series starting with a Lebanese series named 3asser el harim. In the year 2009, she relocated to Egypt and acted in films like “had same3 haga”, “homtaram ella rob3”, “365 Days of Happiness” etc.

In the year 2014, Lamita Franjieh got married to a Lebanese businessman named Freddy Makharaz during a private ceremony held in Paris. They spent their honeymoon period in Monaco and Thailand. She gave birth to their child, a son named Justin in 2016 at an American hospital in Carmel.

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