Monday , 27 June 2022

40+ Hot And Sexy Nelly Furtado Photos

First, allow us to brief you about the beautiful musician. Nelly has Kim as her middle name. Her birth date listed online is December 2, 1978, which makes her a Sagittarius, astrology-wise. Therefore, as of June 2020, Nelly is in her early 40s. Also, Miss Furtado hails from Canada. Her birthplace is Victoria, British Columbia. Nelly’s parents – Maria Manuela and António José – are Canadian immigrants who originated from the Portuguese archipelago called Azores. They raised Nelly and her siblings Lisa Anne and Michael Anthony in a Roman Catholic household. As for her dedicated work ethic, Nelly acknowledged her family members for being her reliable source of it. Before becoming a famous musician, she spent eight summers with her mother, sister, and brother working as housekeepers and chambermaids in their native Victoria.

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