40 Almost Nude Pamela Anderson Photos

Anderson is known for quite a few varying careers. Her first notable role was as Lisa on Home Improvement in 1991. But her biggest acting came in 1992 when she joined the cast of NBC’s Baywatch. While the show would last 11 seasons, Pamela would only appear in 6 seasons. She left Baywatch to star as Vallery Irons in V.I.P. It doesn’t really count as “acting,” but Pamela is very well known for her celebrity sex tape with former husband Tommy Lee of Motley Crue. In one of the most famous moments of the sex tape, Tommy drives a boat with his slong. Pamela also posed naked for Playboy a celebrity record (I think. Honestly, I’m guessing) 14 times. The first time was in 1989 and the last was in 2015.

I know these are not Pamela Anderson nude photos. But they are classy. You probably can’t find Pamela Anderson naked pics anyway (that she’d approve of.) Enjoy this perfect image gallery containing only the cutest photos, jpegs, and animated GIFs from around the web.

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