30 Hot Diora Baird Photos

Hollywood is the place to be if you want to witness hot Hollywood bombshells that leave their fans mesmerized for being blonde-haired and titillating beauties. There are surely plenty of these sexy babes in the mainstream showbiz industry. If you love gazing at these pieces of sexiness online and saving their sexually enticing pics on your phone, you would also appreciate getting to know Diora Baird. You will consider her as among Hollywood’s most exceptional blonde bombshells because she no doubt possesses the skimpy string bikini-perfect body that her tight white ass and flawless boobs fantastically complement. Learning about Diora will make you add her steamy pics to your image collection of hot blonde Hollywood babes on your phone, too.

Allow us to introduce Diora to you and share some of her best, sexually captivating images shortly. According to Miss Baird’s birth certificate, her first name is Diora, and her middle name is Lynn. Moreover, her mother delivered her to this world on April 6, 1983. This piece of information tells us that Diora’s zodiac sign is Aries, a Fire symbol. Also, she is an American citizen, with her birthplace being Miami, Florida.

Diora’s Mom was a model who cultivated the interest in her daughter to become a model, too. Plus, she wanted Diora to overcome being a shy introvert. Thus, the then aspiring model-actress attended acting classes when she was younger. Diora achieved her much-needed personality development that she became the Thespian Society’s vice president in her school. Then, when Diora turned 17 years old, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time. While auditioning, she sustained herself financially by taking on various jobs. Diora served as a pre-school teacher, store staff at The Gap, waitress, clown at children’s parties, and caterer.

Then, she entered the modeling business, most notably with popular clothing retailer and brand, Guess. Diora furthered her exposure, appearing as the cover girl of the Playboy magazine’s August 2005 issue. Since 2004, Diora has been active on both TV and movie businesses. She got guest and recurring roles in the episodes of well-known TV series. Among them are “Two and a Half Men,” “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” and “Shameless,” among plenty of others. Plus, Diora got cast in movies made for TV, such as “Cocked,” which is an Amazon Studios pilot, and “Her Secret Family Killer.” As for her movie portfolio, Diora appeared in “Star Trek,” “Wedding Crashers,” “Hot Tamale,” “Bachelor Party Vegas,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning,” and “Hot Tub Time Machine,” among plenty of others.

Aside from Playboy, did you know that other famous men’s magazines like Maxim, FHM, and Stuff featured this sexually arousing babe as their photo spreads? Moreover, Diora made it to the 76th spot of the 2007 Hot 100 list of Maxim. In the same publication, one year later, Diora ranked 64th, and in 2011, she was back on the 76th spot. Meanwhile, FHM found Diora über-hot that they placed her on the 17th spot in their top-100 list in 2010. A year later, the golden-haired sexpot made it to the 40th position in the same most-sexiest list of FHM.

Although a self-confessed bisexual, Diora never fails to excite her male fans because of her svelte figure with the nearly-perfect vital statistics of 37-25-35 inches. Furthermore, her super-sexy body fits petite, size-two dresses. Hazel-eyed Diora is leggy at 5’9″ tall, which makes her genuinely sizzling-hot. We bet you cannot wait to view Diora’s sexually stimulating photos that confirm she is as among Hollywood’s stunning and hot blonde babes. So, here they are. Enjoy!

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